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Element 6145: Dimension type code qualifier

NameDimension type code qualifier
BeschreibungCode qualifying the type of the dimension.


1Gross dimensions
10External equipment dimension
11Internal equipment dimensions
12Damage dimensions
13Off-standard dimensions height
14Equipment door dimensions
15Off-standard dimension width
16Off-standard dimension length
17Bundled equipment total height
18Equipment off-standard dimension height, actual
19Folded equipment height
2Package dimensions (including goods)
20Adjustable equipment height
21Equipment floor height
22Container off-standard dimension width at corner posts
23Container off-standard dimension width of body
3Pallet dimensions (excluding goods)
4Pallet dimensions (including goods)
5Off-standard dimension front
6Off-standard dimension back
7Off-standard dimension right
8Off-standard dimension left
9Off-standard dimension general