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Element 7023: Article number identifier, coded

NameArticle number identifier, coded
BeschreibungCode identifying the type/source of the descriptive number used in product identification.


BOBuyers color
BPBuyer's part number
CCIndustry commodity code
CGCommodity grouping
CMTwo-digit color code (NRMA)
CRContract number
CVCustoms article number
DRDrawing revision number
ECEngineering change level
ECCEuropean classification
EFMaterial code
ENEAN (International Article Number Association)
GSGeneral specification number
HSHarmonised system
IBISBN (International Standard Book Number)
INBuyer's item number
ISISSN (International Standard Serial Number)
ITBuyer's style number
IZBuyer's size code
MAMachine number
MFManufacturer's (producer's) article number
MNModel number
MPProduct ID code
NBBatch number
NVNo value
Note:User or association defined code. May be used also,
ONCustomer order number
PDPart number description
PLPurchaser's order line number
POPurchase order number
PVPromotional variant number
QSBuyer's qualifier for size
RCReturnable container number
RNRelease number
RURun number
RYRecord keeping of model year
SASupplier's article number
SAMSwedish AMA code
SBSSwedish BSAB code
SELE code
SGStandard group of products (mixed assortment)
SKSKU (Stock keeping unit)
SNSerial No
SRSRSK number
SSSupplier's supplier article number
STStyle number
SZVendor alphanumeric size code (NRAM)
TGTransport group
UAUltimate customer's article number
UPUPC (Universal product code)
VNVendor item no
VPVendor's (seller's) part number
VSVendor's supplemental item number
VXVendor specification number
ZZMutually defined