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Element 1001: Document name code

NameDocument name code
BeschreibungCode specifying the document name.


1Certificate of analysis
10Party information
100Excise certificate
101Registration document
102Tax notification
103Transport equipment direct interchange report
104Transport equipment impending arrival advice
105Purchase order
106Transport equipment damage report
107Transport equipment maintenance and repair work estimate
108Transport equipment empty release instruction
109Transport movement gate in report
11Federal label approval
110Manufacturing instructions
111Transport movement gate out report
112Transport equipment unpacking instruction
113Transport equipment unpacking report
114Transport equipment pick-up availability request
115Transport equipment pick-up availability confirmation
116Transport equipment pick-up report
117Transport equipment shift report
118Transport discharge instruction
119Transport discharge report
12Mill certificate
120Stores requisition
121Transport loading instruction
122Transport loading report
123Transport equipment maintenance and repair work
124Transport departure report
125Transport empty equipment advice
126Transport equipment acceptance order
127Transport equipment special service instruction
128Transport equipment stock report
129Transport cargo release order
13Post receipt
130Invoicing data sheet
131Transport equipment packing instruction
132Customs clearance notice
133Customs documents expiration notice
134Transport equipment on-hire request
135Transport equipment on-hire order
136Transport equipment off-hire request
137Transport equipment survey order
138Transport equipment survey order response
139Transport equipment survey report
14Weight certificate
140Packing instructions
141Advising items to be booked to a financial account
142Transport equipment maintenance and repair work estimate
143Transport equipment maintenance and repair notice
144Empty container disposition order
145Cargo vessel discharge order
146Cargo vessel loading order
147Multidrop order
148Bailment contract
149Basic agreement
15Weight list
150Internal transport order
152Indefinite delivery indefinite quantity contract
153Indefinite delivery definite quantity contract
154Requirements contract
155Task order
156Make or buy plan
157Subcontractor plan
158Cost data summary
159Certified cost and price data
160Wage determination
161Contract Funds Status Report (CFSR)
162Certified inspection and test results
163Material inspection and receiving report
164Purchasing specification
165Payment or performance bond
166Contract security classification specification
167Manufacturing specification
168Buy America certificate of compliance
169Container off-hire notice
17Combined certificate of value and origin
170Cargo acceptance order
171Pick-up notice
172Authorisation to plan and suggest orders
173Authorisation to plan and ship orders
175Cost Performance Report (CPR) format 2
176Cost Schedule Status Report (CSSR)
177Cost Performance Report (CPR) format 1
178Cost Performance Report (CPR) format 3
179Cost Performance Report (CPR) format 4
18Movement certificate A.TR.1
180Cost Performance Report (CPR) format 5
181Progressive discharge report
182Balance confirmation
183Container stripping order
184Container stuffing order
185Conveyance declaration (arrival)
186Conveyance declaration (departure)
187Conveyance declaration (combined)
188Project recovery plan
189Project production plan
19Certificate of quantity
190Statistical and other administrative internal documents
191Project master schedule
192Priced alternate tender bill of quantity
193Estimated priced bill of quantity
194Draft bill of quantity
195Documentary credit collection instruction
196Request for an amendment of a documentary credit
197Documentary credit amendment information
198Advice of an amendment of a documentary credit
199Response to an amendment of a documentary credit
2Certificate of conformity
20Quality data message
200Documentary credit issuance information
201Direct payment valuation request
202Direct payment valuation
203Provisional payment valuation
204Payment valuation
205Quantity valuation
206Quantity valuation request
207Contract bill of quantities - BOQ
208Unpriced bill of quantity
209Priced tender BOQ
211Interim application for payment
212Agreement to pay
213Request for financial cancellation
214Pre-authorised direct debit(s)
215Letter of intent
216Approved unpriced bill of quantity
217Payment valuation for unscheduled items
218Final payment request based on completion of work
219Payment request for completed units
22Response to query
221Blanket order
222Spot order
223Lease order
224Rush order
225Repair order
226Call off order
227Consignment order
228Sample order
229Swap order
23Status information
230Purchase order change request
231Purchase order response
232Hire order
233Spare parts order
234Campaign price/sales catalogue
235Container list
236Delivery forecast
237Cross docking services order
238Non-pre-authorised direct debit(s)
239Rejected direct debit(s)
240Delivery instructions
241Delivery schedule
242Delivery just-in-time
243Pre-authorised direct debit request(s)
244Non-pre-authorised direct debit request(s)
245Delivery release
246Settlement of a letter of credit
247Bank to bank funds transfer
248Customer payment order(s)
249Low value payment order(s)
25Container discharge list
250Crew list declaration
252Response to previous banking status message
253Project master plan
254Project plan
255Project schedule
256Project planning available resources
257Project planning calendar
258Standing order
259Cargo movement event log
26Corporate superannuation contributions advice
260Cargo analysis voyage report
261Self billed credit note
262Consolidated credit note - goods and services
263Inventory adjustment status report
264Transport equipment movement instruction
265Transport equipment movement report
266Transport equipment status change report
267Fumigation certificate
268Wine certificate
269Wool health certificate
27Industry superannuation contributions advice
270Delivery note
271Packing list
272New code request
273Code change request
274Simple data element request
275Simple data element change request
276Composite data element request
277Composite data element change request
278Segment request
279Segment change request
28Corporate superannuation member maintenance message
280New message request
281Message in development request
282Modification of existing message
283Tracking number assignment report
284User directory definition
285United Nations standard message request
286Service directory definition
287Status report
288Kanban schedule
289Product data message
29Industry superannuation member maintenance message
290A claim for parts and/or labour charges
291Delivery schedule response
292Inspection request
293Inspection report
294Application acknowledgement and error report
295Price variation invoice
296Credit note for price variation
297Instruction to collect
298Dangerous goods list
299Registration renewal
3Certificate of quality
30Life insurance payroll deductions advice
300Registration change
301Response to registration
302Implementation guideline
303Request for transfer
304Cost performance report
305Application error and acknowledgement
306Cash pool financial statement
307Sequenced delivery schedule
308Delcredere credit note
309Healthcare discharge report, final
31Underbond request
310Offer / quotation
311Request for quote
312Acknowledgement message
313Application error message
314Cargo movement voyage summary
316Application for usage of berth or mooring facilities
317Application for designation of berthing places
318Application for shifting from the designated place in port
319Supplementary document for application for cargo operation
32Underbond approval
320Acknowledgement of order
321Supplementary document for application for transport of
322Optical Character Reading (OCR) payment
323Preliminary sales report
324Transport emergency card
325Proforma invoice
326Partial invoice
327Operating instructions
328Name/product plate
329Co-insurance ceding bordereau
33Certificate of sealing of export meat lockers
330Request for delivery instructions
331Commercial invoice which includes a packing list
332Trade data
333Customs declaration for cargo examination
334Customs declaration for cargo examination, alternate
335Booking request
336Customs crew and conveyance
337Customs summary declaration with commercial detail,
338Items booked to a financial account report
339Report of transactions which need further information from
34Cargo status
340Shipping instructions
341Shipper's letter of instructions (air)
342Report of transactions for information only
343Cartage order (local transport)
344EDI associated object administration message
345Ready for despatch advice
346Summary sales report
347Order status enquiry
348Order status report
349Declaration regarding the inward and outward movement of
35Inventory report
350Despatch order
351Despatch advice
352Notification of usage of berth or mooring facilities
353Application for vessel's entering into port area in night-
354Notification of emergency shifting from the designated
355Customs summary declaration without commercial detail,
356Performance bond
357Payment bond
358Healthcare discharge report, preliminary
359Request for provision of a health service
36Identity card
360Request for price quote
361Price quote
362Delivery quote
363Price and delivery quote
364Contract price quote
365Contract price and delivery quote
366Price quote, specified end-customer
367Price and delivery quote, specified end-customer
368Price quote, ship and debit
369Price and delivery quote, ship and debit
37Response to a trade statistics message
370Advice of distribution of documents
371Plan for provision of health service
373Prescription request
374Prescription dispensing report
375Certificate of shipment
376Standing inquiry on product information
377Party credit information
378Party payment behaviour information
379Request for metering point information
38Vaccination certificate
380Commercial invoice
381Credit note
382Commission note
383Debit note
384Corrected invoice
385Consolidated invoice
386Prepayment invoice
387Hire invoice
388Tax invoice
389Self-billed invoice
390Delcredere invoice
391Metering point information response
392Notification of change of supplier
393Factored invoice
394Lease invoice
395Consignment invoice
396Factored credit note
397Commercial account summary response
398Cross docking despatch advice
399Transshipment despatch advice
4Test report
40Driving licence (national)
400Exceptional order
401Pre-packed cross docking order
402Intermediate handling cross docking order
403Means of transportation availability information
404Means of transportation schedule information
405Transport equipment delivery notice
406Notification to supplier of contract termination
407Notification to supplier of metering point changes
408Notification of meter change
409Instructions for bank transfer
41Driving licence (international)
410Notification of metering point identification change
411Utilities time series message
412Application for banker's draft
413Infrastructure condition
414Acknowledgement of change of supplier
415Data Plot Sheet
416Soil analysis
417Farmyard manure analysis
418WCO Cargo Report Export, Rail or Road
419WCO Cargo Report Export, Air or Maritime
42Free pass
420Optical Character Reading (OCR) payment credit note
421WCO Cargo Report Import, Rail or Road
422WCO Cargo Report Import, Air or Maritime
423WCO one-step export declaration
424WCO first step of two-step export declaration
425Collection payment advice
426Documentary credit payment advice
427Documentary credit acceptance advice
428Documentary credit negotiation advice
429Application for banker's guarantee
43Season ticket
430Banker's guarantee
431Documentary credit letter of indemnity
432Notification to grid operator of contract termination
433Notification to grid operator of metering point changes
434Notification of balance responsible entity change
435Preadvice of a credit
436Transport equipment profile report
437Request for price and delivery quote, specified end-user
438Request for price quote, ship and debit
439Request for price and delivery quote, ship and debit
44Transport status report
440Delivery point list.
441Transport routing information
442Request for delivery quote
443Request for price and delivery quote
444Request for contract price quote
445Request for contract price and delivery quote
446Request for price quote, specified end-customer
447Collection order
448Documents presentation form
449Identification match
45Transport status request
450Payment order
451Extended payment order
452Multiple payment order
453Notice that circumstances prevent payment of delivered
454Credit advice
455Extended credit advice
456Debit advice
457Reversal of debit
458Reversal of credit
459Travel ticket
46Banking status
460Documentary credit application
461Payment card
462Ready for transshipment despatch advice
463Pre-packed cross docking despatch advice
464Intermediate handling cross docking despatch advice
465Documentary credit
466Documentary credit notification
467Documentary credit transfer advice
468Documentary credit amendment notification
469Documentary credit amendment
47Extra-Community trade statistical declaration
470Waste disposal report
48Written instructions in conformance with ADR article number
481Remittance advice
482Port authority waste disposal report
484Multiple direct debit request
485Banker's draft
486Multiple direct debit
487Certificate of disembarkation permission
488Deratting exemption certificate
489Reefer connection order
49Damage certification
490Bill of exchange
491Promissory note
493Statement of account message
494Direct delivery (transport)
495WCO second step of two-step export declaration
496WCO one-step import declaration
497WCO first step of two-step import declaration
498WCO second step of two-step import declaration
499Previous transport document
5Product performance report
50Validated priced tender
51Price/sales catalogue response
52Price negotiation result
520Insurance certificate
521Special requirements permit related to the transport of
522Dangerous Goods Notification for Tanker vessel
523Dangerous Goods Notification for non-tanker vessel
524WCO Conveyance Arrival Report
525WCO Conveyance Departure Report
526Accounting voucher
527Self billed debit note
528Military Identification Card
529Re-Entry Permit
53Safety and hazard data sheet
530Insurance policy
531Refugee Permit
532Forwarder’s credit note
533Original accounting voucher
534Copy accounting voucher
535Pro-forma accounting voucher
536International Ship Security Certificate
537Interim International Ship Security Certificate
538Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certificate
539Framework Agreement
54Legal statement of an account
55Listing statement of an account
550Insurance declaration sheet (bordereau)
551Transport capacity offer
552Ship Security Plan
553Forwarder’s invoice discrepancy report
554Storage capacity offer
56Closing statement of an account
57Transport equipment on-hire report
575Insurer's invoice
576Storage capacity request
577Transport capacity request
578EU Customs declaration for External Community Transit (T1)
579EU Customs declaration for internal Community Transit (T2)
58Transport equipment off-hire report
580Cover note
581EU Customs declaration for non-fiscal area internal
582EU Customs declaration for internal transit to San Marino
583EU Customs declaration for mixed consignments (T)
584EU Document for establishing the Community status of goods
585EU Document for establishing the Community status of goods
586Document for establishing the Customs Status of goods for
587Customs declaration for TIR Carnet goods
588Transport Means Security Report
589Halal Slaughtering Certificate
59Treatment - nil outturn
6Product specification report
60Treatment - time-up underbond
61Treatment - underbond by sea
610Forwarding instructions
62Treatment - personal effect
621Forwarder's advice to import agent
622Forwarder's advice to exporter
623Forwarder's invoice
624Forwarder's certificate of receipt
625Heat Treatment Certificate
626Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of
627Free Sale Certificate in the Country of Origin
628Transit license
629Veterinary quarantine certificate
63Treatment - timber
630Shipping note
631Forwarder's warehouse receipt
632Goods receipt
633Port charges documents
634Certified list of ingredients
635Warehouse warrant
636Health certificate
637Food grade certificate
638Certificate of suitability for transport of grains and
639Certificate of refrigerated transport equipment inspection
64Preliminary credit assessment
640Delivery order
641Thermographic reading report
642Certificate of food item transport readiness
643Food packaging contact certificate
644Packaging material composition report
645Export price certificate
646Public price certificate
647Drug shelf life study report
648Certificate of compliance with standards of the World
649Production facility license
65Credit cover
650Handling order
651Manufacturing license
652Low risk country formal letter
653Previous correspondence
654Declaration for radioactive material
655Gate pass
656Resale information
657Phytosanitary Re-export Certificate
658Bayplan/stowage plan, full
659Bayplan/stowage plan, partial
66Current account
67Commercial dispute
7Process data report
70Collateral account
701Universal (multipurpose) transport document
702Goods receipt, carriage
703House waybill
704Master bill of lading
705Bill of lading
706Bill of lading original
707Bill of lading copy
708Empty container bill
709Tanker bill of lading
71Request for payment
710Sea waybill
711Inland waterway bill of lading
712Non-negotiable maritime transport document (generic)
713Mate's receipt
714House bill of lading
715Letter of indemnity for non-surrender of bill of lading
716Forwarder's bill of lading
717Residence permit
718Seaman’s book
719General message
72Unship permit
720Rail consignment note (generic term)
721Product data response
722Road list-SMGS
723Escort official recognition
724Recharging document
725Manufacturer raised order
726Manufacturer raised consignment order
727Price/sales catalogue not containing commercial information
728Price/sales catalogue containing commercial information
729Returns advice
73Statistical definitions
730Road consignment note
731Commercial account summary
732Announcement for returns
733Instruction for returns
734Sales forecast report
735Sales data report
736Standing inquiry on complete product information
737Proof of delivery
738Cargo/goods handling and movement message
739Metered services consumption report supporting an invoice
74Statistical data
740Air waybill
741Master air waybill
742Metered services consumption report
743Substitute air waybill
744Crew's effects declaration
745Passenger list
746Delivery notice (rail transport)
747Payroll deductions advice
748Consignment despatch advice
749Transport equipment gross mass verification message
75Request for statistical data
750Despatch note (post parcels)
751Invoice information for accounting purposes
752Plant Passport
753Certificate of sustainability
754Call for tender
755Invitation to tender
756European Single Procurement Document request
757Tendering price/sales catalogue request
759European Single Procurement Document
76Call-off delivery
760Multimodal/combined transport document (generic)
761Through bill of lading
762Tendering price/sales catalogue
763Forwarder's certificate of transport
764Combined transport document (generic)
765Multimodal transport document (generic)
766Combined transport bill of lading/multimodal bill of lading
767Acknowledgment of receipt
768Civil status document
769Advice report
77Consignment status report
770Booking confirmation
771Binding offer
772Binding customer agreement for contract
773Coverage confirmation note
774General terms and conditions
775Calling forward notice
776Contract clauses
777Specific contract conditions
778Group insurance rules
78Inventory movement advice
780Freight invoice
781Arrival notice (goods)
782Notice of circumstances preventing delivery (goods)
783Notice of circumstances preventing transport (goods)
784Delivery notice (goods)
785Cargo manifest
786Freight manifest
788Container manifest (unit packing list)
789Charges note
79Inventory status advice
790Advice of collection
791Safety of ship certificate
792Safety of radio certificate
793Safety of equipment certificate
794Civil liability for oil certificate
795Loadline document
796Derat document
797Maritime declaration of health
798Certificate of registry
799Ship's stores declaration
8First sample test report
80Debit note related to goods or services
81Credit note related to goods or services
810Export licence, application for
811Export licence
812Exchange control declaration, export
813Declaration of final beneficiary
814US, FATCA statement
815Insured status report
816Group pension commitment information
817Claim notification
818Assessment report
819Loss statement
82Metered services invoice
820Despatch note model T
821Despatch note model T1
822Despatch note model T2
823Control document T5
824Re-sending consignment note
825Despatch note model T2L
826Guarantee of cost acceptance
827Close of claim
828Refusal of claim
829Valuation report
83Credit note related to financial adjustments
830Goods declaration for exportation
831Claim history certificate
832Accounting statement
833Cargo declaration (departure)
834Payment receipt confirmation
835Certificate of paid insurance premium
836Insured party payment report
837Third party payment report
838Direct debit authorisation
839Physician report
84Debit note related to financial adjustments
840Application for goods control certificate
841Goods control certificate
842Medical certificate
843Witness report
844Calculation note
845Communication from opposite party
846Amicable agreement
847Out of court settlement
848Legal action
85Customs manifest
850Application for phytosanitary certificate
851Phytosanitary certificate
852Sanitary certificate
853Veterinary certificate
854Court judgment
855Application for inspection certificate
856Inspection certificate
857Vehicle aboard document
86Vessel unpack report
860Certificate of origin, application for
861Certificate of origin
862Declaration of origin
863Regional appellation certificate
864Preference certificate of origin
865Certificate of origin form GSP
867Introductory letter
868Data protection regulations statement
869Exclusive brokerage mandate
87General cargo summary manifest report
870Consular invoice
871Inquiry mandate
872Risk analysis
873Transport equipment movement report, partial
874Conveyance declaration
875Partial construction invoice
876Partial final construction invoice
877Final construction invoice
878AEO Certificate of Security and/or Safety
879AEO Certificate of Conformity or Compliance
88Consignment unpack report
89Meat and meat by-products sanitary certificate
890Dangerous goods declaration
891AEO Certificate Full
892Purchase Order Financing Request
893Purchase Order Financing Request Status
894Purchase Order Financing Request Cancellation
895Statistical document, export
896INTRASTAT declaration
897Transit certificate of approval
898Pre-packed cross docking consignment order
899Traceability event declaration
9Price/sales catalogue
90Meat food products sanitary certificate
900Sustainability data request
901Delivery verification certificate
902Sustainability data response
903Sustainability Inspection request
904Sustainability Inspection response
905Transport Means Forecast Information Message
906Transport Means Actual Information Message
907Arrival Report Message
908Tally Message
909Goods Loading Message
91Poultry sanitary certificate
910Import licence, application for
911Import licence
912Transport Means and Goods Release Message.
913Customs declaration without commercial detail
914Customs declaration with commercial and item detail
915Customs declaration without item detail
916Related document
917Receipt (Customs)
92Horsemeat sanitary certificate
925Application for exchange allocation
926Foreign exchange permit
927Exchange control declaration (import)
929Goods declaration for importation
93Casing sanitary certificate
930Goods declaration for home use
931Customs immediate release declaration
932Customs delivery note
933Cargo declaration (arrival)
934Value declaration
935Customs invoice
936Customs declaration (post parcels)
937Tax declaration (value added tax)
938Tax declaration (general)
94Pharmaceutical sanitary certificate
940Tax demand
941Embargo permit
95Inedible sanitary certificate
950Goods declaration for Customs transit
951TIF form
952TIR carnet
953EC carnet
954EUR 1 certificate of origin
955ATA carnet
96Impending arrival
960Single administrative document
961General response (Customs)
962Document response (Customs)
963Error response (Customs)
964Package response (Customs)
965Tax calculation/confirmation response (Customs)
966Quota prior allocation certificate
97Means of transport advice
970Wagon report
971Transit Conveyor Document
972Rail consignment note forwarder copy
974Duty suspended goods
975Proof of transit declaration
976Container transfer note
977NATO transit document
978Transfrontier waste shipment authorization
979Transfrontier waste shipment movement document
98Arrival information
99Cargo release notification
990End use authorization
991Government contract
995Statistical document, import
996Application for documentary credit
998Previous Customs document/message