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Here you can download the software EDIViewer.

You can view any EDI-message withou a license.
For edition and further functionality you need to have license.

We can offer you a license starting from 100,- € (no VAT).
Please get in contact buy@ediviewer.de

download setup

setup and UN-documents (85 MB)

Version 1.1818 Nov 202323A;Directory
Version 1.1708 Mar 2023Bugfixing
Version 1.1606 Feb 2023Edifact Release 22B
Version 1.1515 Sep 2022VDA Messages, Fontsize, improved View
Version 1.1424 Apr 2022Custom codelists
Version 1.1329 Mar 2022Windows 11
Version 1.1201 Jan 2022Edifact Release 21 A,B
Version 1.1131 Dec 2020Bugfix UNA special chars
Version 1.1017 Dec 2020Edifact Release 20B
Version 1.918 Aug 2020C059
Version 1.823 Jul 2020Edifact Release 20A
Version 1.703 Dec 2019Edifact Release 19B
Version 1.621 Jun 2019Edifact Release 19A
Version 1.505 Nov 2018Edifact Release 18B
Version 1.430 Mai 2018Edifact Release 18A, Shows the source-references
Version 1.301 Apr 2018+validation
Version 1.222 Jan 2018Edifact Release 17B
Version 1.107 Jul 2017Viewer