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Element 1153: Reference code qualifier

NameReference code qualifier
BeschreibungCode qualifying a reference.


ACompany/place registration number
AAAOrder acknowledgement document identifier
AABProforma invoice document identifier
AACDocumentary credit identifier
AADContract document addendum identifier
AAEGoods declaration number
AAFDebit card number
AAGOffer number
AAHBank's batch interbank transaction reference number
AAIBank's individual interbank transaction reference number
AAJDelivery order number
AAKDespatch advice number
AALDrawing number
AAMWaybill number
AANDelivery schedule number
AAOConsignment identifier, consignee assigned
AAPPartial shipment identifier
AAQTransport equipment identifier
AARMunicipality assigned business registry number
AASTransport contract document identifier
AATMaster label number
AAUDespatch note document identifier
AAVEnquiry number
AAWDocket number
AAXCivil action number
AAYCarrier's agent reference number
AAZStandard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC) number
ABACustoms valuation decision number
ABBEnd use authorization number
ABCAnti-dumping case number
ABDCustoms tariff number
ABEDeclarant's reference number
ABFRepair estimate number
ABGCustoms decision request number
ABHSub-house bill of lading number
ABITax payment identifier
ABJQuota number
ABKTransit (onward carriage) guarantee (bond) number
ABLCustoms guarantee number
ABMReplacing part number
ABNSeller's catalogue number
ABOOriginator's reference
ABPDeclarant's Customs identity number
ABQImporter reference number
ABRExport clearance instruction reference number
ABSImport clearance instruction reference number
ABTGoods declaration document identifier, Customs
ABUArticle number
ABVIntra-plant routing
ABWStock keeping unit number
ABXText Element Identifier deletion reference
ABYAllotment identification (Air)
ABZVehicle licence number
ACAir cargo transfer manifest
ACACargo acceptance order reference number
ACBUS government agency number
ACCShipping unit identification
ACDAdditional reference number
ACERelated document number
ACFAddressee reference
ACGATA carnet number
ACHPackaging unit identification
ACIOuterpackaging unit identification
ACJCustomer material specification number
ACKBank reference
ACLPrincipal reference number
ACNCollection advice document identifier
ACOIron charge number
ACPHot roll number
ACQCold roll number
ACRRailway wagon number
ACTUnique claims reference number of the sender
ACULoss/event number
ACVEstimate order reference number
ACWReference number to previous message
ACXBanker's acceptance
ACYDuty memo number
ACZEquipment transport charge number
ADABuyer's item number
ADBMatured certificate of deposit
ADDAnalysis number/test number
ADEAccount number
ADFTreaty number
ADGCatastrophe number
ADIBureau signing (statement reference)
ADJCompany / syndicate reference 1
ADKCompany / syndicate reference 2
ADLOrdering customer consignment reference number
ADMShipowner's authorization number
ADNInland transport order number
ADOContainer work order reference number
ADPStatement number
ADQUnique market reference
ADTGroup accounting
ADUBroker reference 1
ADVBroker reference 2
ADWLloyd's claims office reference
ADXSecure delivery terms and conditions agreement reference
ADYReport number
ADZTrader account number
AEAuthorization for expense (AFE) number
AEAGovernment agency reference number
AEBAssembly number
AECSymbol number
AEDCommodity number
AEEEur 1 certificate number
AEFCustomer process specification number
AEGCustomer specification number
AEHApplicable instructions or standards
AEIRegistration number of previous Customs declaration
AEJPost-entry reference
AEKPayment order number
AELDelivery number (transport)
AEMTransport route
AENCustomer's unit inventory number
AEOProduct reservation number
AEPProject number
AEQDrawing list number
AERProject specification number
AESPrimary reference
AETRequest for cancellation number
AEUSupplier's control number
AEVShipping note number
AEWEmpty container bill number
AEXNon-negotiable maritime transport document number
AEYSubstitute air waybill number
AEZDespatch note (post parcels) number
AFAirlines flight identification number
AFAThrough bill of lading number
AFBCargo manifest number
AFCBordereau number
AFDCustoms item number
AFEExport Control Commodity number (ECCN)
AFFMarking/label reference
AFGTariff number
AFHReplenishment purchase order number
AFIImmediate transportation no. for in bond movement
AFJTransportation exportation no. for in bond movement
AFKImmediate exportation no. for in bond movement
AFLAssociated invoices
AFMSecondary Customs reference
AFNAccount party's reference
AFOBeneficiary's reference
AFPSecond beneficiary's reference
AFQApplicant's bank reference
AFRIssuing bank's reference
AFSBeneficiary's bank reference
AFTDirect payment valuation number
AFUDirect payment valuation request number
AFVQuantity valuation number
AFWQuantity valuation request number
AFXBill of quantities number
AFYPayment valuation number
AFZSituation number
AGAAgreement to pay number
AGBContract party reference number
AGCAccount party's bank reference
AGDAgent's bank reference
AGEAgent's reference
AGFApplicant's reference
AGGDispute number
AGHCredit rating agency's reference number
AGIRequest number
AGJSingle transaction sequence number
AGKApplication reference number
AGLDelivery verification certificate
AGMNumber of temporary importation document
AGNReference number quoted on statement
AGOSender's reference to the original message
AGPCompany issued equipment ID
AGQDomestic flight number
AGRInternational flight number
AGSEmployer identification number of service bureau
AGTService group identification number
AGUMember number
AGVPrevious member number
AGWScheme/plan number
AGXPrevious scheme/plan number
AGYReceiving party's member identification
AGZPayroll number
AHAPackaging specification number
AHBAuthority issued equipment identification
AHCTraining flight number
AHDFund code number
AHESignal code number
AHFMajor force program number
AHGNomination number
AHHLaboratory registration number
AHITransport contract reference number
AHJPayee's reference number
AHKPayer's reference number
AHLCreditor's reference number
AHMDebtor's reference number
AHNJoint venture reference number
AHOChamber of Commerce registration number
AHPTax registration number
AHQWool identification number
AHRWool tax reference number
AHSMeat processing establishment registration number
AHTQuarantine/treatment status reference number
AHURequest for quote number
AHVManual processing authority number
AHXRate note number
AHYFreight Forwarder number
AHZCustoms release code
AIACompliance code number
AIBDepartment of transportation bond number
AICExport establishment number
AIDCertificate of conformity
AIEMinisterial certificate of homologation
AIFPrevious delivery instruction number
AIGPassport number
AIHCommon transaction reference number
AIIBank's common transaction reference number
AIJCustomer's individual transaction reference number
AIKBank's individual transaction reference number
AILCustomer's common transaction reference number
AIMIndividual transaction reference number
AINProduct sourcing agreement number
AIOCustoms transhipment number
AIPCustoms preference inquiry number
AIQPacking plant number
AIROriginal certificate number
AISProcessing plant number
AITSlaughter plant number
AIUCharge card account number
AIVEvent reference number
AIWTransport section reference number
AIXReferred product for mechanical analysis
AIYReferred product for chemical analysis
AIZConsolidated invoice number
AJAPart reference indicator in a drawing
AJBU.S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
AJCPurchasing activity clause number
AJDU.S. Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
AJEAgency clause number
AJFCircular publication number
AJGU.S. Federal Acquisition Regulation
AJHU.S. General Services Administration Regulation
AJIU.S. Federal Information Resources Management Regulation
AJKSpecial instructions number
AJLSite specific procedures, terms, and conditions number
AJMMaster solicitation procedures, terms, and conditions
AJNU.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Acquisition Regulation
AJOMilitary Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR) number
AJPForeign military sales number
AJQDefense priorities allocation system priority rating
AJRWage determination number
AJSAgreement number
AJTStandard Industry Classification (SIC) number
AJUEnd item number
AJVFederal supply schedule item number
AJWTechnical document number
AJXTechnical order number
AJZTransportation account number
AKAContainer disposition order reference number
AKBContainer prefix
AKCTransport equipment return reference
AKDTransport equipment survey reference
AKETransport equipment survey report number
AKFTransport equipment stuffing order
AKGVehicle Identification Number (VIN)
AKHGovernment bill of lading
AKIOrdering customer's second reference number
AKJDirect debit reference
AKKMeter reading at the beginning of the delivery
AKLMeter reading at the end of delivery
AKMReplenishment purchase order range start number
AKNThird bank's reference
AKOAction authorization number
AKPAppropriation number
AKQProduct change authority number
AKRGeneral cargo consignment reference number
AKSCatalogue sequence number
AKTForwarding order number
AKUTransport equipment survey reference number
AKVLease contract reference
AKWTransport costs reference number
AKXTransport equipment stripping order
AKYPrior policy number
AKZPolicy number
ALAProcurement budget number
ALBDomestic inventory management code
ALCCustomer reference number assigned to previous balance of
ALDPrevious credit advice reference number
ALEReporting form number
ALFAuthorization number for exception to dangerous goods
ALGDangerous goods security number
ALHDangerous goods transport licence number
ALIPrevious rental agreement number
ALJNext rental agreement reason number
ALKConsignee's invoice number
ALLMessage batch number
ALMPrevious delivery schedule number
ALNPhysical inventory recount reference number
ALOReceiving advice number
ALPReturnable container reference number
ALQReturns notice number
ALRSales forecast number
ALSSales report number
ALTPrevious tax control number
ALUAGERD (Aerospace Ground Equipment Requirement Data) number
ALVRegistered capital reference
ALWStandard number of inspection document
ALYFinancial management reference
ALZNOTIfication for COLlection number (NOTICOL)
AMAPrevious request for metered reading reference number
AMBNext rental agreement number
AMCReference number of a request for metered reading
AMDHastening number
AMERepair data request number
AMFConsumption data request number
AMGProfile number
AMHCase number
AMIGovernment quality assurance and control level Number
AMJPayment plan reference
AMKReplaced meter unit number
AMLReplenishment purchase order range end number
AMMInsurer assigned reference number
AMNCanadian excise entry number
AMOPremium rate table
AMPAdvise through bank's reference
AMQUS, Department of Transportation bond surety code
AMRUS, Food and Drug Administration establishment indicator
AMSUS, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) import
AMTGoods and Services Tax identification number
AMUIntegrated logistic support cross reference number
AMVDepartment number
AMWBuyer's catalogue number
AMXFinancial settlement party's reference number
AMYStandard's version number
AMZPipeline number
ANAAccount servicing bank's reference number
ANBCompleted units payment request reference
ANCPayment in advance request reference
ANDParent file
ANESub file
ANFCAD file layer convention
ANGTechnical regulation
ANHPlot file
ANIFile conversion journal
ANJAuthorization number
ANKReference number assigned by third party
ANLDeposit reference number
ANMNamed bank's reference
ANNDrawee's reference
ANOCase of need party's reference
ANPCollecting bank's reference
ANQRemitting bank's reference
ANRPrincipal's bank reference
ANSPresenting bank's reference
ANTConsignee's reference
ANUFinancial transaction reference number
ANVCredit reference number
ANWReceiving bank's authorization number
ANXClearing reference
ANYSending bank's reference number
AOADocumentary payment reference
AODAccounting file reference
AOESender's file reference number
AOFReceiver's file reference number
AOGSource document internal reference
AOHPrincipal's reference
AOIDebit reference number
AOKWork shift
AOLWork breakdown structure
AOMOrganisation breakdown structure
AONWork task charge number
AOOFunctional work group
AOPWork team
AORStatement of work
AOSWork package
AOTPlanning package
AOUCost account
AOVWork order
AOWTransportation Control Number (TCN)
AOXConstraint notation
AOYETERMS reference
AOZImplementation version number
APAccounts receivable number
APAIncorporated legal reference
APBPayment instalment reference number
APCEquipment owner reference number
APDCedent's claim number
APEReinsurer's claim number
APFPrice/sales catalogue response reference number
APGGeneral purpose message reference number
APHInvoicing data sheet reference number
APIInventory report reference number
APJCeiling formula reference number
APKPrice variation formula reference number
APLReference to account servicing bank's message
APMParty sequence number
APNPurchaser's request reference
APOContractor request reference
APPAccident reference number
APQCommercial account summary reference number
APRContract breakdown reference
APSContractor registration number
APTApplicable coefficient identification number
APUSpecial budget account number
APVAuthorisation for repair reference
APWManufacturer defined repair rates reference
APXOriginal submitter log number
APYOriginal submitter, parent Data Maintenance Request (DMR)
APZOriginal submitter, child Data Maintenance Request (DMR)
AQAEntry point assessment log number
AQBEntry point assessment log number, parent DMR
AQCEntry point assessment log number, child DMR
AQDData structure tag
AQECentral secretariat log number
AQFCentral secretariat log number, parent Data Maintenance
AQGCentral secretariat log number, child Data Maintenance
AQHInternational assessment log number
AQIInternational assessment log number, parent Data
AQJInternational assessment log number, child Data Maintenance
AQKStatus report number
AQLMessage design group number
AQMUS Customs Service (USCS) entry code
AQNBeginning job sequence number
AQOSender's clause number
AQPDun and Bradstreet Canada's 8 digit Standard Industrial
AQQActivite Principale Exercee (APE) identifier
AQRDun and Bradstreet US 8 digit Standard Industrial
AQSNomenclature Activity Classification Economy (NACE)
AQTNorme Activite Francaise (NAF) identifier
AQURegistered contractor activity type
AQVStatistic Bundes Amt (SBA) identifier
AQWState or province assigned entity identification
AQXInstitute of Security and Future Market Development (ISFMD)
AQYFile identification number
AQZBankruptcy procedure number
ARANational government business identification number
ARBPrior Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number
ARCCompanies Registry Office (CRO) number
ARDCosta Rican judicial number
ARENumero de Identificacion Tributaria (NIT)
ARFPatron number
ARGRegistro Informacion Fiscal (RIF) number
ARHRegistro Unico de Contribuyente (RUC) number
ARITokyo SHOKO Research (TSR) business identifier
ARJPersonal identity card number
ARKSysteme Informatique pour le Repertoire des ENtreprises
ARLSysteme Informatique pour le Repertoire des ETablissements
ARMPublication issue number
ARNOriginal filing number
ARODocument page identifier
ARPPublic filing registration number
ARQRegiristo Federal de Contribuyentes
ARRSocial security number
ARSDocument volume number
ARTBook number
ARUStock exchange company identifier
ARVImputation account
ARWFinancial phase reference
ARXTechnical phase reference
ARYPrior contractor registration number
ARZStock adjustment number
ASADispensation reference
ASBInvestment reference number
ASCAssuming company
ASDBudget chapter
ASEDuty free products security number
ASFDuty free products receipt authorisation number
ASGParty information message reference
ASHFormal statement reference
ASIProof of delivery reference number
ASJSupplier's credit claim reference number
ASKPicture of actual product
ASLPicture of a generic product
ASMTrading partner identification number
ASNPrior trading partner identification number
ASPFormal report number
ASQFund account number
ASRSafe custody number
ASSMaster account number
ASTGroup reference number
ASUAccounting transmission number
ASVProduct data file number
ASWCadastro Geral do Contribuinte (CGC)
ASXForeign resident identification number
ASZPhysical medium
ATAFinancial cancellation reference number
ATBPurchase for export Customs agreement number
ATCJudgment number
ATDSecretariat number
ATEPrevious banking status message reference
ATFLast received banking status message reference
ATGBank's documentary procedure reference
ATHCustomer's documentary procedure reference
ATISafe deposit box number
ATJReceiving Bankgiro number
ATKSending Bankgiro number
ATLBankgiro reference
ATMGuarantee number
ATNCollection instrument number
ATOConverted Postgiro number
ATPCost centre alignment number
ATQKamer Van Koophandel (KVK) number
ATRInstitut Belgo-Luxembourgeois de Codification (IBLC) number
ATSExternal object reference
ATTExceptional transport authorisation number
ATUClave Unica de Identificacion Tributaria (CUIT)
ATVRegistro Unico Tributario (RUT)
ATWFlat rack container bundle identification number
ATXTransport equipment acceptance order reference
ATYTransport equipment release order reference
ATZShip's stay reference number
AUAuthorization to meet competition number
AUAPlace of positioning reference
AUBParty reference
AUCIssued prescription identification
AUDCollection reference
AUETravel service
AUFConsignment stock contract
AUGImporter's letter of credit reference
AUHPerformed prescription identification
AUIImage reference
AUJProposed purchase order reference number
AUKApplication for financial support reference number
AULManufacturing quality agreement number
AUMSoftware editor reference
AUNSoftware reference
AUOSoftware quality reference
AUPConsolidated orders' reference
AUQCustoms binding ruling number
AURCustoms non-binding ruling number
AUSDelivery route reference
AUTNet area supplier reference
AUUTime series reference
AUVConnecting point to central grid
AUWMarketing plan identification number (MPIN)
AUXEntity reference number, previous
AUYInternational Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC)
AUZCustoms pre-approval ruling number
AVAccount payable number
AVAFirst financial institution's transaction reference
AVBProduct characteristics directory
AVCSupplier's customer reference number
AVDInventory report request number
AVEMetering point
AVFPassenger reservation number
AVGSlaughterhouse approval number
AVHMeat cutting plant approval number
AVICustomer travel service identifier
AVJExport control classification number
AVKBroker reference 3
AVLConsignment information
AVMGoods item information
AVNDangerous Goods information
AVOPilotage services exemption number
AVPPerson registration number
AVQPlace of packing approval number
AVROriginal Mandate Reference
AVSMandate Reference
AVTReservation station indentifier
AVUUnique goods shipment identifier
AVVFramework Agreement Number
AVWHash value
AVXMovement reference number
AVYEconomic Operators Registration and Identification Number
AVZLocal Reference Number
AWARate code number
AWBAir waybill number
AWCDocumentary credit amendment number
AWDAdvising bank's reference
AWECost centre
AWFWork item quantity determination
AWGInternal data process number
AWHCategory of work reference
AWIPolicy form number
AWJNet area
AWKService provider
AWLError position
AWMService category reference
AWNConnected location
AWORelated party
AWPLatest accounting entry record reference
AWQAccounting entry
AWRDocument reference, original
AWSHygienic Certificate number, national
AWTAdministrative Reference Code
AWUPick-up sheet number
AWVPhone number
AWWBuyer's fund number
AWXCompany trading account number
AWYReserved goods identifier
AWZHandling and movement reference number
AXAInstruction to despatch reference number
AXBInstruction for returns number
AXCMetered services consumption report number
AXDOrder status enquiry number
AXEFirm booking reference number
AXFProduct inquiry number
AXGSplit delivery number
AXHService relation number
AXISerial shipping container code
AXJTest specification number
AXKTransport status report number
AXLTooling contract number
AXMFormula reference number
AXNPre-agreement number
AXOProduct certification number
AXPConsignment contract number
AXQProduct specification reference number
AXRPayroll deduction advice reference
AXSTRACES party identification
BABeginning meter reading actual
BCBuyer's contract number
BDBid number
BEBeginning meter reading estimated
BHHouse bill of lading number
BMBill of lading number
BNConsignment identifier, carrier assigned
BOBlanket order number
BRBroker or sales office number
BTBatch number/lot number
BTPBattery and accumulator producer registration number
BWBlended with number
CCargo control number
CASIATA Cargo Agent CASS Address number
CATMatching of entries, balanced
CAUEntry flagging
CAVMatching of entries, unbalanced
CAWDocument reference, internal
CAXEuropean Value Added Tax identification
CAYCost accounting document
CAZGrid operator's customer reference number
CBATicket control number
CBBOrder shipment grouping reference
CDCredit note number
CECCeding company
CEDDebit letter number
CFEConsignee's further order
CFFAnimal farm licence number
CFOConsignor's further order
CGConsignee's order number
CHCustomer catalogue number
CKCheque number
CKNChecking number
CMCredit memo number
CMRRoad consignment note number
CNCarrier's reference number
CNOCharges note document attachment indicator
COFCall off order number
CPCondition of purchase document number
CRCustomer reference number
CRNTransport means journey identifier
CSCondition of sale document number
CSTTeam assignment number
CTContract number
CUConsignment identifier, consignor assigned
CVContainer operators reference number
CWPackage number
CZCooperation contract number
DADeferment approval number
DANDebit account number
DBBuyer's debtor number
DIDistributor invoice number
DLDebit note number
DMDocument identifier
DQDelivery note number
DRDock receipt number
EAEnding meter reading actual
EBEmbargo permit number
EDExport declaration
EEEnding meter reading estimated
EEPElectrical and electronic equipment producer registration
EIEmployer's identification number
ENEmbargo number
EQEquipment number
ERContainer/equipment receipt number
ERNExporter's reference number
ETExcess transportation number
EXExport permit identifier
FCFiscal number
FFConsignment identifier, freight forwarder assigned
FIFile line identifier
FLWFlow reference number
FNFreight bill number
FOForeign exchange
FSFinal sequence number
FTFree zone identifier
FVFile version number
FXForeign exchange contract number
GAStandard's number
GCGovernment contract number
GDStandard's code number
GDNGeneral declaration number
GNGovernment reference number
HSHarmonised system number
HWBHouse waybill number
IAInternal vendor number
IBIn bond number
ICAIATA cargo agent code number
ICEInsurance certificate reference number
ICOInsurance contract reference number
IIInitial sample inspection report number
ILInternal order number
INBIntermediary broker
INNInterchange number new
INOInterchange number old
IPImport permit identifier
ISInvoice number suffix
ITInternal customer number
IVInvoice document identifier
JBJob number
JEEnding job sequence number
LAShipping label serial number
LANLoading authorisation identifier
LARLower number in range
LCLetter of credit number
LIDocument line identifier
LOLoad planning number
LRCReservation office identifier
LSBar coded label serial number
MAShip notice/manifest number
MBMaster bill of lading number
MFManufacturer's part number
MGMeter unit number
MHManufacturing order number
MRMessage recipient
MRNMailing reference number
MSMessage sender
MSSManufacturer's material safety data sheet number
MWBMaster air waybill number
NANorth American hazardous goods classification number
NFNota Fiscal
OHCurrent invoice number
OIPrevious invoice number
ONOrder document identifier, buyer assigned
OPOriginal purchase order
ORGeneral order number
PPrevious cargo control number
PBPayer's financial institution account number
PCProduction code
PDPromotion deal number
PEPlant number
PFPrime contractor contract number
PIPrice list version number
PKPacking list number
PLPrice list number
PORPurchase order response number
PPPurchase order change number
PQPayment reference
PRPrice quote number
PSPurchase order number suffix
PWPrior purchase order number
PYPayee's financial institution account number
RARemittance advice number
RCRail/road routing code
RCNRailway consignment note number
RERelease number
RENConsignment receipt identifier
RFExport reference number
RRPayer's financial institution transit routing No.(ACH
RTPayee's financial institution transit routing No.
SASales person number
SBSales region number
SDSales department number
SESerial number
SEAAllocated seat
SFShip from
SHPrevious highest schedule number
SISID (Shipper's identifying number for shipment)
SMSales office number
SNTransport equipment seal identifier
SPScan line
SQEquipment sequence number
SRNShipment reference number
SSSellers reference number
STAStation reference number
SWSwap order number
SZSpecification number
TBTrucker's bill of lading
TCRTerminal operator's consignment reference
TETelex message number
TFTransfer number
TITIR carnet number
TINTransport instruction number
TLTax exemption licence number
TNTransaction reference number
TPTest report number
UARUpper number of range
UCUltimate customer's reference number
UCNUnique consignment reference number
UNUnited Nations Dangerous Goods identifier
UOUltimate customer's order number
URIUniform Resource Identifier
VAVAT registration number
VCVendor contract number
VGRTransport equipment gross mass verification reference
VMVessel identifier
VNOrder number (vendor)
VONVoyage number
VORTransport equipment gross mass verification order reference
VPVendor product number
VRVendor ID number
VSVendor order number suffix
VTMotor vehicle identification number
VVVoucher number
WEWarehouse entry number
WMWeight agreement number
WNWell number
WRWarehouse receipt number
WSWarehouse storage location number
WYRail waybill number
ZZZMutually defined reference number