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Element 2475: Event time reference code

NameEvent time reference code
BeschreibungCode specifying a time that references an event that will or has occurred.


1Date of order
10Latest date/time for bid reception
11Date credit note received
12Date present document received
13Date of resale by buyer
14Date proceeds of resale collected by buyer
2Date of confirmation
21Date goods received by buyer
22Date goods received by buyer's agent
23Date goods received by carrier
24Date ex-works
25Date goods handed over for shipment by seller or agent
26Date of arrival of transport
27Date of outward frontier crossing
28Date of inward frontier crossing
29Date of delivery of goods to establishments/domicile/site
3Date of contract
31Stipulated date for payment of documentary credit
32Stipulated date for acceptance of documentary credit
33Stipulated date for negotiation of documentary credit
4Date of signature of contract
41Date of delivery to buyer of documents representing goods
42Date of delivery to buyer's agent of documents representing
43Date of delivery to carrier of documents representing goods
44Date of delivery to intermediary bank of documents
45Date of bill of lading, consignment note or other transport
46Date of receipt for loading (mate's receipt)
47Date of negotiable instrument (draft, promissory note,
48Date of receipt of tool dependent initial samples plus
5Date of invoice
52Due date of negotiable instrument
53Date of presentation of negotiable instrument
54Date of acceptance of negotiable instrument
55Date of acceptance of tooling
56Date of receipt of tooling
57Date of acceptance of first samples produced under
6Date of credit note
60Date of start of work
61Date of end of work
62Date of provisional reception of work
63Date of final acceptance of work
64Date of certificate of preliminary acceptance
65Date of certificate of final acceptance
66Specified date
67Anticipated delivery date
68Effective date
69Invoice transmission date
7Date of present document
70Date of issue of transport document(s)
71Date of presentation of documents
72Payment date
73Draft(s) at ... days sight
74Draft(s) at ... days date
75Draft(s) at ... days after date of issuance of transport
76Draft(s) at ... days after date of presentation of
77Specified draft date
78Customs clearance date (import)
79Customs clearance date (export)
8Date of confirmation of order received
80Date of salary payment
81Date of shipment as evidenced by the transport document(s)
82Payment due date
83Requested date of delivery
9Date invoice received
ZZZOther reference date agreed upon between the parties