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Element 3139: Contact function code

NameContact function code
BeschreibungCode specifying the function of a contact (e.g. department or person).


AAInsurance contact
ABWorkshop contact
ACAccepting contact
ADAccounting contact
AEContract contact
AFLand registry contact
AHCoordination contact
AIProject management contact
AJInvestment contact
AKWorks management contact
ALPersonnel contact
AMClaims contact
ANLaboratory contact
AOPlant/equipment contact
APAccounts payable contact
AQQuantity surveyor contact
ARAccounts receivable contact
ASPublic relations contact
ATTechnical contact
AUCity works authority contact
AVMaintenance contact
AWTown planning contact
AXTraffic authority contact
AYElectricity supply contact
AZGas supply contact
BAWater supply contact
BBTelecommunications network contact
BCBanking contact
BDNew developments contact
BETransport infrastructure authority
BFService contact
BGAuditing contact
BHLegal auditing contact
BISoftware house contact
BJDepartment or person responsible for processing purchase
BKElectronic data interchange coordinator
BLWaiver contact
BMAutomated clearing house (ACH) contact
BNCertification contact
BOAfter business hours contact
BPCompany Security Officer’s 24-hour contact
BQAgent of ship at the intended port of arrival
BSCustomer contact
BTMeter access contact
BUUltimate consignee
CBChanged by
CCResponsible person for information production
CDResponsible person for information dissemination
CEHead of unit for computer data processing
CFHead of unit for information production
CGHead of unit for information dissemination
CPResponsible person for computer data processing
CRCustomer relations
CWConfirmed with
DEDepartment/employee to execute export procedures
DIDepartment/employee to execute import procedures
DLDelivery contact
EBEntered by
ECEducation coordinator
EDEngineering contact
GRGoods receiving contact
HEEmergency dangerous goods contact
HGDangerous goods contact
HMHazardous material contact
ICInformation contact
INInsurer contact
LBPlace of delivery contact
LOPlace of collection contact
MCMaterial control contact
MDMaterial disposition contact
MHMaterial handling contact
MRMessage recipient contact
MSMessage sender contact
NTNotification contact
OCOrder contact
PAPrototype coordinator
PDPurchasing contact
PEPayee contact
PMProduct management contact
QAQuality assurance contact
QCQuality coordinator contact
RDReceiving dock contact
RPAuthorized responsible person
SASales administration
SCSchedule contact
SDShipping contact
SRSales representative or department
SUSupplier contact
TATraffic administrator
TDTest contact
TITechnical documentation recipient
TRTransport contact
WIAlternate contact
WJOffice Manager
WKChartered accountant contact
ZZZMutually defined