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Element 3227: Location function code qualifier

NameLocation function code qualifier
BeschreibungCode identifying the function of a location.


1Place of terms of delivery
10Place of acceptance
100Place/port of warehouse entry
101Country of first sale
103Place of transfer
104Place of deconsolidation
105Place of consumption
106Region of origin
107Place of consolidation
108Rate combination point
109Place of prolongation decision of delivery delay
11Place of discharge
110Recharging place/location
111Customs office of despatch
112Region of equipment availability
113Country of despatch
114Customs office of export
115Free zone of export
116Region of export/despatch
117Place of collection
118Customs office of departure
119Transit guarantee customs office location
12Port of discharge
120Country of transhipment
122Customs office of destination
123Wagon-load railway station
125Last place/port of call of conveyance
126Country of previous Customs procedure
127Customs office of registration of previous Customs
128Participant sender location
129Wage negotiation district
13Place of transhipment
130Place of ultimate destination of conveyance
131Place of loading of empty equipment
132Place of discharge of empty equipment
133Region of delivery
134Petroleum warehouse
135Place of entry (Customs)
136Living animals care place
137Re-icing place
138Weighting place
139Marshalling yard
14Goods item storage location
140Stopping station
141Loading dock
142Port connection
143Place of expiry
144Place of negotiation
145Claims payable place
146Documentary credit available in
147Transport means stowage location
148For transportation to
149Loading on board/despatch/taking in charge at/from
15Place of transfer responsibility
150Container stack position
151Private box
152Next port of discharge
153Port of call
154Place/location of on-hire
155Place/location of off-hire
156Other carriers terminal
157Country of Value Added Tax (VAT) jurisdiction
158Contact location
159Additional internal destination
16Place of transfer of ownership
160Foreign port of call
161Maintenance location
162Place or location of sale
163Direct investment country
165Construction country
166Donation acting country
167Payment transaction country
168Physical place of return of item
169Relay port
17Border crossing place
170Final port of discharge
171Place of destination for pre-stacking prior to stowage
172Reporting location
173Transport contract place of despatch
174Place of residence
175Activity location
176Pick-up location
177Construction site
178Place of embarkation
179Place of disembarkation
180Person birth location
181Registered office
182Place of incorporation
183Place of business
184Physical location
185Location to send mail
186Foreign registration location
187Tax filed from location
188Filing location
189Former location
190Head office
192Correct location
193Branch location
194Former registered location
195Future location
196Changed to location
197Place of inquiry
198Original location
199Country of last source
2Payment location
20Place of ultimate destination of goods
200Place of handling
201Country of origin as defined by transportation agency
203Sample location
204Hospital Advanced Dependency Unit (ADU)
205Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
206Hospital Paediatric Care Unit (PCU)
207Hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
208Hospital luxury room
209Hospital shared room
21Terms of sale place
210Hospital private room
211Bidding area
212Price area
213Country of destination of equipment
214Aircraft airport stand
215Airport passenger terminal
216Previous berth
217Next berth
218Entity location
219Goods depot
22Customs clearance location
220Disinfecting place
221Harbour rail station
222Place of live animal care
223Phytosanitary control place
224Place for re-icing or de-icing
225Place of refuelling
226Place of provision of an unexpected service
227Private container terminal
228Railway container terminal
229Inspection site
23Port of release
230Request only stop
231Grid area
232Source power area
233Sink power area
234Scheduled berth
235Scheduled berth, bow
236Scheduled berth, stern
237Balance settlement area
238Market area
239Metering grid area
24Port of entry
240Climate zone
241Country of birth
242Country of fattening
243Country of slaughter
244Country of meat cutting
245Meat cutting location
247Country of meat mincing
248Place of discharge and loading
249Cargo facility location
250Tourist point of interest
251Customs office of payment
252Conveyance facility location at departure
253Conveyance facility location at arrival
254Bus station
255Ferry terminal
256Place of packing
257Country of assembly
258Town sales office
259Travel agency
260Inland clearance depot
261Place of final production
262Place of growth
263Place of intermediate production
264Place of nutrient origin
265Place of package material production
266Place of processing
267Place of species origin
268Place of catch
269Government appeal office
27Country of origin
270Regulatory office of cross-border goods entry
271Regulatory office of cross-border goods exit
272Government approved establishment
273Free trade zone
274Place of physical examination
275Permitted location
276Landing location
277Place of loading on final means of transport
278Place of regulatory declaration review
279Travel document issuing country or political entity
28Country of destination of goods
280Compliant facility, registered
281Bonded warehouse
282Goods destruction site, designated
283Goods disposal location, designated
284Incineration facility
286Place of assembly
287Processing site
288Quarantine facility
289Reclamation facility
29Railway station
292Prescribed treatment facility
294Region of source
295Region of storage
296Ship security incident location
297Ship-to-ship activity location
298Country of last processing
299Fishing vessel
3Tare check place
30Country of source
300Location of status
301Location of meter
302Country of provenance
303Meat mincing plant
304Place of fattening
305Animal birth place
306Global Good Agricultural Practice Number (GGN)
307Port of last waste delivery
308Port of next waste delivery
309Effluent Treatment Plant
311Manufacturing facility
312Animal Farm
314Textile mill
315Textile dyeing mill
316Forest Management Unit
32Beginning of chargeable section
33Baseport of discharge
34Baseport of loading
35Exportation country
36Country of ultimate destination
37Consignment final exportation country
38Consignment first destination country
39Country of production
4Goods receipt place
40Country of trading
41Consignment entry customs office location
42Consignment exit customs office location
43Place of Customs examination
44Place of authentication of document
45Customs office of destination (transit)
46Region of despatch
47Region of destination
48Region of production
49Transit country
5Place of departure
50Transit customs office location
51Country of invalid transit guarantee
52Country of destination (transit)
53Charge and freight due from
54Manufacturing department
55Freight charge payable to location
56End of chargeable section
57Place of payment
58Full track loading or unloading
59Place of loss
6Ward bed
60Place of arrival
61Next port of call
62On-carriage port
63Sub-project location
64First optional place of discharge
65Final port or place of discharge
66Express railway station
67Mixed cargo railway station
68Second optional place of discharge
69Next non-discharge port of call
7Place of delivery
70Third optional place of discharge
71Reconsolidation point
72Fourth optional place of discharge
73Bill of lading release office
74Transhipment excluding this place
75Transhipment limited to this place
76Original port of loading
77First port of call - non-discharging
78First port of call - discharging
79Place/port of first entry
8Place of destination
80Place of despatch
81Fifth optional place of discharge
82Pre-carriage port
83Place of delivery (by on carriage)
84Transport contract place of acceptance
85Transport contract place of destination
86Country of valid transit guarantee
87Place/port of conveyance initial arrival
88Place of receipt
89Place of registration
9Place of loading
90Special treatment place
91Place of document issue
93Station of application of additional costs
94Previous port of call
95Sailing destination area
96Place of lodgement of documents
97Optional place of discharge
98Place of empty equipment despatch
99Place of empty equipment return
ZZZMutually defined