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Element 4183: Special condition code

NameSpecial condition code
BeschreibungCode specifying a special condition.


1Item for national preference
10Subject to settlement discount
100Multiple delivery points
101Provisional settlement
102Hire purchase
107Sale on commission
108Financial compensation
109Sale or return
11Price includes excise
110Final settlement
111Requires national pricing authority agreement
112National pricing authority approved price
113Not subject to national pricing authority approval
114Agency approved price
115Exempt from tax
116Subject to postponed discount
118Illustration affected by provisioning change
119Product genetically modified
12Price includes tax
120Subject to price recalculation without negotiation
121Not subject to price recalculation without negotiation
123Pharmacy sales only
124Sale requires medical prescription
125New item, not yet available
126New, available
129Non-standard product
13Price include duty
131Expired catalogue prices provisionally allowed
132Not subject to automated processing
133Gift supplied with purchase
134Sale from promotional stock
135Sale from obsolete stock
136Buying group conditions
137Cancel order unless complete delivery possible on requested
138Delivery subject to final authorisation from supplier
139Special promotional conditions applicable to only this
14Not subject to commission
140Return of goods
141Subject to annual bonus
142Invoiced but not replenished
143Replenished but not invoiced
144Deliver full order
145Roll pattern side out
146Roll pattern side in
147Special handling requirements at point of receipt
148Supply direct delivery
149Single item pallet
15Not subject to discount
150Mixed item pallet
151Items from the same dye lot
152Awaiting credit clearance
153Return publication full copies
154Return publication headings only
155Destroy publication
156Await further product instructions
157Not subject to sale or return
158Item to be sold in both domestic and export markets
159Item to be sold only in export markets
16Subject to embargo restriction
160No back orders
161Back orders permitted
162At home repair
163At service centre repair
164Shipment completes order
165Split shipment
166Include in continuous replenishment calculation
167Remove from continuous replenishment calculation
168Standard pack shipment
169Pick pack shipment
17Item not subject to embargo restrictions
170Goods for retail outlet shelf
171Security stock
172Production batch number allocated
173Production batch number allocated as required by law
174Product not genetically modified
176No re-ordering
177Product irradiated for preservation
178Services taxable at customer location
179Product gluten-free
18Item subject to national export restrictions
180Product contains gluten
181Product lactose-free
182Product contains lactose
183CH, compliant with Genetically Modified Food law
184CH, non-compliant with Genetically Modified Food law
185CH, compliant with General Food law
186CH, non-compliant with General Food law
187Store may not order
188Distribution centre may not order
189Net content declaration indicated
19Item not subject to national export restrictions
190Net content declaration not indicated
191Not irradiated
192Batch or lot number not allocated
193Unsold trade item not returnable
194Ingredient irradiated
195Ingredients not irradiated
196Raw material irradiated
197Raw material not irradiated
199Receipt advice, fully detailed
2Item qualifying for payment discount
20Item subject to import restrictions
200Receipt advice, only exceptions
201Ingredient is irradiated not applicable
202Raw material is irradiated not applicable
203Trade item is genetically modified not applicable
204Trade item is irradiated not applicable
205Size dependent pricing
206Size independent pricing
207Only accepted products
21Item not subject to import restrictions
24Original(s) to be certified
25Original(s) to be legalized
26Quote documentary credit number
27Full set bill of lading
28Full set bill of lading less one original
29Full set bill of lading less two originals
3Item not qualifying for payment discount
30Shipped on board
31Freight prepaid to be marked
32Freight collect to be marked
33Issued to order and blank endorsed
34Issued and/or endorsed to the order of
35Consigned to
37Issued by
38Charter party allowed
39Loading on deck allowed
4Urgent delivery of reserved goods
40Quote actual flight date and flight number
41House AWB allowed
42Express post receipt
43Air parcel post receipt
44Parcel post receipt
45Issued to bearer
46Full set of insurance certificate
47Full set of insurance policy
48Addressed to
49Transmission by telecommunication
5Item not to be included in bonus calculation
50Bill of exchange drawn on
51Bill of exchange in duplicate
52Insurance certificate alternative
53Insurance policy alternative
54Original(s) and copies to be certified
55Original(s) and copies to be legalized
56Consolidators AWB allowed
57Full set
58Full set less one original
59Full set less two originals
6Subject to bonus
60Goods despatched to
61Insurance certificate allowed
62Issued to
63Original(s) and copy(ies) signed
64Original(s) signed
65No disposal clause
66Delivery without change of ownership
67Delivery with change of ownership
68Supply for outright purchase/sale
69Supply for consignment
7Subject to commission
70Supply for sale 'on approval' or after trial
71Exchange of goods compensated in kind
72Sale for export by foreigner travelling in member state
74Temporary export, loan or hire
75Temporary export, leasing
76Temporary export, operation for job processing
77Temporary export, repair and maintenance against payment
78Temporary export, repair and maintenance free of charge
79Reimport following job processing
8Subject to discount
80Reimport following repair and maintenance against payment
81Reimport following repair and maintenance free of charge
82Supply of goods under joint production contract for defence
83Supply of goods under joint production contract for civil
84Supply of goods for warehousing for foreign account
85Supply of goods as gifts by country of despatch and food
86Supply of goods for disaster relief equipment
87Supply of goods as transactions without compensation
88Supply of goods as returned consignment on which payment
89Supply of goods as returned consignment on which no payment
9Freely available in EEC
90Supply of goods in standard exchange giving rise to payment
91Supply of goods in standard exchange not giving rise to
92Supply of goods/services in standard exchange under
95Financial regulation
96Promotional advertising
97Promotional price
98Promotional shelf display
99Safety data sheet required to accompany goods when moved
ZZZMutually defined