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Element 4221: Discrepancy nature identification code

NameDiscrepancy nature identification code
BeschreibungCode specifying the identification used to define the nature of a discrepancy.


AAItem discontinued by wholesaler
ABItem no longer produced
ADItem out of stock at manufacturer
AEDelivered but not advised
AFGoods delivered damaged
AGDelivered too late
AHNext higher packaging quantity
ANAvailable now - no shipping schedule
ASAvailable now - scheduled to ship (date)
BKBack ordered from previous order
BPShipment partial - back order to follow
CACustomer inquiry - all items
CCShipment complete
CEShipment includes extra items to meet price break
CICustomer inquiry - shipped items only
CKCancelled from previous order
CMShipment complete with additional quantity
COCustomer inquiry - unshipped items only
CPShipment partial - considered complete, no backorder
CSShipment complete with substitution
ICItem cancelled
ISItem represents substitution from original order
LSLast shipment (date)
NFNot yet published
NNNot in process - no shipping schedule
NSNot in process - schedule to ship (date)
OFOrder sent to factory for production (date)
OMItem sent to factory for production (date)
OPOut of print
OSItem out of stock because of strike or force majeure
OWItem out of stock at wholesaler
PAPurchase order inquiry - all items
PDPurchase order complete
PIPurchase order inquiry - shipped items only
PKPacked-to-date (date)
PNIn process - no shipping schedule
POPurchase order inquiry - unshipped items only
PPPurchase order inquiry - specific items
PSIn process - scheduled to ship (date)
RAItem rationed
SLShipped-to-date (date)
SPScheduled for production at factory
SSSplit shipment
TWItem temporary discontinued by wholesaler
URUnsolicited report
USPack to closest complete logistic packaging quantity
UTPack to next lower complete logistic quantity
ZZZMutually defined