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Element 4233: Marking instructions code

NameMarking instructions code
BeschreibungCode specifying instructions for marking.


1Do not mark suppliers company name
10Mark batch number
11Mark article number customer
12Mark running number of packages
13Mark date of production
14Mark expiry date
15Mark supplier number
16Buyer's instructions
17Seller's instructions
18Carrier's instructions
19Legal requirements
2Mark customers company name
20Industry instructions
21Line item only
22Pre-marked by buyer
23Entire shipment
24Shipper assigned
25Shipper assigned roll number
26Shipper assigned skid number
27Uniform Code Council (UCC) format
28Mark free text
29Mark case number
3Mark customers references
30Mark serial shipping container code
31Marked with ISO 10374 (permanent container tag)
32Mark date of packaging
33Mark reference to source entity
34Marked GS1 Global Individual Asset Identifier
35Marked with a product serial number
36Marked with a GS1 Global Identification Number for
37Marked with a GS1 Global Shipment Identification Number
38Marked price
39Marked with Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC)
4Mark additionally customers article description
40Marked with first freezing date
41Marked with batch number
42Marked with production date
43Marked with expiry date
44Marked with best before date
45Marked with net weight
46Marked with packaging date
47Marked with GS1 Global Returnable Asset Identifier (GRAI)
48Marked with a greeting message
49Price per unit of measure marked on product
5Mark exclusively customers article description
6Mark packages dimensions
7Mark net weight
8Mark gross weight
9Mark tare weight
ZZZMutually defined