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Element 4295: Change reason description code

NameChange reason description code
BeschreibungCode specifying the reason for a change.


AAMember attribute change
ACMember category change
AFEarly retirement
AHIll health
AILeaving employer
AJLeaving industry
AKLevel/rate table change
ALNormal retirement
APMember status change
AQAlternate quantity and unit of measurement
ARArticle out of assortment for particular company
ASArticle out of assortment
ATItem not ordered
AUNo delivery due to outstanding payments
AVOut of inventory
AWQuantity adjustment
AXNational pricing authority agreement is final
AYSale location different
AZBest before date out of sequence
BADamaged goods
BBTransport means technical failure
BCEquipment technical failure
BDBlueprint deviation
BEGoods technical failure
BFSpoilage of goods
BGGrade difference out of tolerance level
BHBatch number difference
BIExpiry date difference
BJItem identification code unknown
BKBarcode not readable
BLItem represents substitution from original order
BMMinimum/maximum product durability date unacceptable
BNTemperature outside agreed range
BODelivered but not advised
BPShort shipped
BQBalancing quantity
BRItem withdrawn
BSSSCC difference
BTSSCC missing
BUBest before date(s) difference
BVWeight difference
BWQuantity difference
BXDelivered too late
DCDate change
EVEstimated quantity
GUGross volume per pack and unit of measure
GWGross weight per pack
LDLength difference
MCPack/size measure difference
PCPack type difference
PDPack dimension difference
PQPack quantity
PSProduct/services ID change
PWPack weight difference
PZPack size difference
QOQuantity ordered
QPQuantity based on price qualifier
QTQuantity price break
SCSize difference
UMUnit of measure difference
UPUnit price
WDWidth difference
WOWeight qualifier/gross weight per package
WPInadvertent error
WQOver shipped
WRTemporarily unavailable
WSGovernment action
WTExcluded from the promotion activity
WUCommitted purchase quantity exceeded
WVCommitted purchase quantity not ordered
ZZZMutually defined