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Element 4401: Instruction description code

NameInstruction description code
BeschreibungCode specifying an instruction.


AASend credit note
ABChange invoice
ACAdvise by airmail
AERead meter at beginning of supply
AFStop delivery process
AGSend replacement
AIAdvise by telecommunication
AJAdvise by fax
AKBy registered airmail
ALBy registered airmail in one set
AMBy registered airmail in two sets
ANAuthorized to debit our account when due
AOAuthorized to reimburse yourselves on the reimbursing bank
APAdvise by phone
AQUpon receipt and verification of documents we shall credit
ARProtest non-payment
ASProtest non-acceptance
ATAdvise by telex
AUProtest non-acceptance and non-payment
AVMay not be waived
AWMay be waived
AXAcceptance and/or payment may be deferred until the arrival
AYAcceptance and/or payment may not be deferred until the
AZIf documents are not honoured on arrival of goods then
BAIf documents are not honoured on arrival of goods then
BBIf documents are not honoured on arrival of goods then
BCCase of need party has power to give instructions
BDCase of need party may advise only
BEDraft must be returned after acceptance
BFAdvise by mail
BGRelease documents against acceptance
BHRelease documents against payment
BIRelease documents against issuance of drawee's undertaking
BJRelease documents against issuance of presenting bank's
BKRelease documents against issuance of named bank's
BLRelease documents against issuance of drawee's signed
BMRelease documents against issuance of presenting bank's
BNRelease documents against issuance of named bank's signed
BORelease documents against issuance of drawee's signed trust
BPRelease documents against acceptance and aval of presenting
BQRelease documents against acceptance and aval of named bank
BRRemit proceeds
BSRemit proceeds to intermediary bank
BTAccept provisional deposit if covered in local currency
BURead meter at end of supply
BVReplace if necessary
BXDo not replace
BYRemedial action for incorrect account number
BZRemedial action for unknown account
CARemedial action for account frozen by legal authorities
CBRemedial action for deceased account holder
CCRemedial action for refusal by account owner or ultimate
CDRemedial action for unjustified charges claim on
CERemedial action for unrecognised destination bank or branch
CFRemedial action for closed destination account
CGRemedial action for transaction over credit limit
CHRemedial action for disallowed transaction type
CIRemedial action for insufficient funds
CJRemedial action for no prior mandate in place
CKRemedial action for revoked mandate
CLRemedial action for unknown party
CMRemedial action for incorrect bank information
CNRemedial action for duplicated transaction
CPRemedial action for transaction not completed for a reason
CQReturn using only authorized transport
CRReturn using any transport
CSSend by courier services
CTReturn by specified date
CUSupplier to organize transport
CVBuyer to organize transport
CWPrepare for collection
CXPrepare for collection on specified date
CZSpecific clearing
DBMay add
DDBy registered mail
DEBy courier service
DFBy teletransmission
DGPreadvice by teletransmission
DHBy courier service in one set
DIBy courier service in two sets
DJBy registered mail in one set
DKBy registered mail in two sets
DNPer teletransmission
DOAdvise beneficiary by phone
DPLate presentation of documents within documentary credit
EMElectronic mail
IMSend by regular mail
QCQuality control held
QEQuality control embargo
RMSend by registered mail
SXTake once a day
SYTake two times a day
SZTake three times a day
TATake four times a day