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Element 4403: Instruction type code qualifier

NameInstruction type code qualifier
BeschreibungCode qualifying the type of instruction.


1Action required
10Reimbursement instructions
11Instructions to the paying and/or accepting and/or
12Instructions and/or information to the applicant
13Case of need party power instructions
14Instructions for payment in local currency
15Instructions for return of acceptance draft
16Method for advice of non-payment
17Documentary credit advice of non-acceptance method
18Documentary credit advice of payment method
19Documentary credit advice of acceptance method
2Party instructions
20Instructions for the first transmission of documents
21Instructions for the second transmission of documents
22Instructions for terms of delivery of documents
23Instructions and/or information to the beneficiary
24Protest instructions
25Warehouse and/or insurance instructions
26Charges waiver instructions
27Interest waiver instructions
28Deferral of payment and/or acceptance instructions
29Patient preparation
3Maximum value exceeded instructions
30Dosage of medicine
31Instruction about patient
32Meter reading instruction
33Meter change instruction
34Return instruction
4Confirmation instructions
5Method of issuance
6Pre-advice instructions
7Documents delivery instruction
8Additional terms and/or conditions documentary credit
9Investment instruction