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Element 4439: Payment conditions code

NamePayment conditions code
BeschreibungCode specifying the payment conditions.


1Direct payment
10Irrevocable documentary credit
11Transferable irrevocable documentary credit
12Confirmed irrevocable documentary credit
13Transferable confirmed irrevocable documentary credit
14Revocable documentary credit
15Irrevocable letter of credit-confirmed
16Letter of guarantee
17Revocable letter of credit
18Standby letter of credit
19Irrevocable letter of credit unconfirmed
2Automatic clearing house credit
20Clean collection (ICC)
21Documentary collection (ICC)
22Documentary sight collection (ICC)
23Documentary collection with date of expiry (ICC)
24Documentary collection: bill of exchange against acceptance
25Documentary collection: bill of exchange against payment
26Collection subject to buyer's approval (ICC)
27Collection by a bank consignee for the goods (ICC)
3Automatic clearing house debit
34Seller to advise buyer
35Documents through banks
36Charging (to account)
37Available with issuing bank
38Available with advising bank
39Available with named bank
4Automatic clearing house credit-savings account
40Available with any bank
41Available with any bank in ...
42Indirect payment
45Special entries
46Instalment payment
47Instalment payment with draft
48Available with advise through bank
49General conditions of sale
5Automatic clearing house debit-demand account
50Special payment
6Bank book transfer (credit)
61Set-off by exchange of documents
62Set-off by reciprocal credits
64Set-off by exchange of goods
65Reverse factoring
69Other set-off
7Bank book transfer (debit)
70Supplier to invoice
71Recipient to self bill
8Doc collection via 3rd party with bill of EX
9Doc collection via 3rd party no bill of EX
ZZZMutually defined