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Element 5007: Monetary amount function description code

NameMonetary amount function description code
BeschreibungCode specifying the monetary amount function.


1Destination charge totals
10Reinsurance account balance
11Prepaid totals
12Collect totals
14Valuation amounts
15Prepayment amount
16Alternative currency total amount
17Documentary credit amount
18Additional amounts covered: freight costs
19Additional amounts covered: insurance costs
2Alternative currency amount
20Additional amounts covered: interest
21Additional amounts covered: inspection costs
22Part of documentary credit amount
23Amount of note
24Hash total
25Cumulative total, this period
26Period total
27Cumulative total, preceding period
28Total balance credit risk covered
29Labour costs
3Total message amount
30Business credit amount
4Invoices total amount summary
5Amount for Customs purposes
7Financial transaction amount
8Total(s) of deferred items
9Total(s) of open cash claims