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Element 5025: Monetary amount type code qualifier

NameMonetary amount type code qualifier
BeschreibungCode qualifying the type of monetary amount.


1VAT, 1st value
10Amount in charge currency
100Other charges due agent
101Other charges due carrier
102Other commissions
103Other deductible charges
104Other transport charges
105Other valuation charges (Customs)
106Packing cost
107Transport equipment total for customs packing cost amount
108Parts incorporated in imported goods (Customs)
109Payment discount amount
11Amount paid
110Pick-up fee
111Positive collected balance
112Positive ledger balance
113Prepaid amount
114Prepaid charge summary total
115Prepaid taxes total
116Purchase amount
117Quantity discount
118Quota value
119Received amount
12Amount remitted
120Sales tax
121Shipment value in domestic currency
122Specific amount payable
123Goods item for statistics declared value amount
124Tax amount
125Taxable amount
126To collect
127Tools used in production of imported goods (Customs)
128Total amount
129Total amount subject to payment discount
13Amount subject to total monetary discount
130Total charge due
131Total charges/allowances
132Total collect charges
133Total collect charges at destination
134Total declared
135Total freight due
136Total invoice additional amount
137Damage protection plan coverage
138Total monetary discount amount
139Total payment amount
14Amount target currency
140Total service charge
141Cost, insurance and freight (CIF) value
142Trade discount
143Transfer amount
144Transport charges (Customs)
145Transport charges incurred outside Customs territory
146Unit price
147Acceptable quotation fluctuation amount
148Total payments under guarantee
149Valuation charge
15Average ledger balance
150Value added tax amount
151Consignment insured value amount
152Subsequent resale of imported goods (Customs)
153Weight charge
154Amount to be collected
155Standard duty
157Insurance value
158Insurance and transport charges incurred inside Customs
159Licence (value deducted)
16Bank release fee
160Other costs
161Duty, tax or fee amount
162Customs duty paid
163Wage tax share
164Social securities premiums share
165Adjustment amount
166Guarantee amount (Customs)
167Actual versus calculated price difference
168Tax sub-totals
169Alternate currency total amount
17Batch total
170Document amount
171Total reassignments of factored invoices
172Stated amount
173Minimum amount
174Balance brought forward
175Message total additional amount
176Message total duty/tax/fee amount
177Message total amount prepaid
178Exact amount
179Maximum amount
180Amount up to
181Amount not exceeding
182Any other specification/tolerance
183No specification/tolerance
184Final net acquisition cost
185Labour cost
186Material cost
187Other cost
188Overhead cost
189Packaging cost
19Buying commission
190Prototype set up cost
191Authorized cleaning amount
192Raw material per cart cost
193Raw material per unit of measure cost
194Total die model cost
195Total gauge cost
196Total material including purchased components cost
197Total purchased components cost
198Total tooling cost
199Delivery limitation amount
2VAT, 2nd value
20Data value on carrier media (Customs)
200Minimum amount due
201Penalty amount
202Interest amount
203Line item amount
204Allowance amount
205Additional amount covered: freight costs
206Additional amount covered: inspection costs
207Additional amount covered: insurance costs
208Additional amount covered: interest
209Agent commission amount
21Cash discount
210Credit note amount
211Debit note amount
212Documentary credit amount
213Part of documentary credit amount
214Advance payment at the beginning of works
215Deduction of advance payment amount at the beginning of
216Advance payment amount on building material
217Deduction of the advance payment amount on building
218Advance payment amount on stock
219Deduction of the advance payment amount on stock
22Consignment cash on delivery amount
220Amount subject to guarantee retention
221Amount not subject of guarantee retention
222Amount subject to contractual retention
223Works amount, initial
224Works amount, variations
225Works amount, total
226Retention amount
228Deposit refund
229Guarantee on retention refund
23Charge amount
230Amount subject to escalation
231Amount subject to escalation, initial
232Amount of variations subject to escalation
233Amount not subject to escalation
234Amount not subject to escalation, initial
235Amount of variations not subject to escalation
236Amount subject to price adjustment
237Amount subject to price adjustment, initial
238Amount of variations subject to price adjustment
239Amount not subject to price adjustment
24Charge summary total
240Amount not subject to price adjustment, initial
241Amount of variations not subject to price adjustment
242Escalation amount
243Provisional escalation amount
244Price adjustment amount
245Provisional price adjustment amount
246Price revaluation amount
247Provisional price revaluation amount
248Contractual retention amount total
249Valuation amount
25Charge/allowance basis
250Deduction amount of direct payments to subcontractors
251Amortization total amount
252Amortization order amount
253Amortization cumulated amount
254Current credit cover
255New credit cover
256Order cover
257Amount subject to dispute
258Charge amount for information
259Total charges
26Charges collect fee
260Total allowances
261Alternate currency amount
262Instalment amount
263Outstanding amount
264Gross contribution amount
265Commission amount
266Net contribution amount
267Regular contribution amount
268Previous regular contribution amount
269Variation amount
27Charges in destination currency
270Notional salary
271Nominal salary
272Taxable salary
273Superannuation salary
274Total remuneration
275Other salary
276Annual salary
277Total contributions amount
278Voluntary contribution amount
279Instalment first amount
28Collect charge summary total
280Instalment current amount
281Instalment last amount
282Current maintenance fee
283Current leasing fee
284Day works amount
285Manufacturer's bonus
286Administration charge
287Fuel charge
288Registration plate charge
289Subtotal amount
29Collect charges in destination currency
290Dumping export value
291Foreign inland freight
292Concession amount
294Charge per credit cover
295Charge per unused credit cover
296Total authorised deduction
297Total chargebacks
298Total offsets
299Total special entries
3VAT, 3rd value
30Collect freight charge including VAT
300Balance carried forward
301Total outstanding invoices past due
302Off balance disputed items
303Commission invoices
304Other charges
305Amount remittances
306Total amount of payment commission invoices
307Total amount of payment other charges invoices
308Total amount credit notes
309Total adjustment invoices
31Collect freight charge without VAT
310Total adjustment credit notes
311Total adjustment payments
312Base unit value
313International freight
314Own risk amount
315Opening balance
316Insurance premium
317Insurance commission
318Insurance tax
319Fee of insurer
32Collect other charges due agent total
320Fee of intermediary
321Debit flow
322Closing balance payable
323Opening balance payable
324Opening balance receivable
325Closing balance receivable
326Net assets and liabilities
327Adjustment to debit flow
328Adjustment to credit flow
329Credit flow
33Collect taxes total
330Total prepaid other charges due carrier
331Total collect weight charge
332Total prepaid weight charge
333Total collect other charges due carrier
334Total prepaid other charges due agent
335Total collect valuation charge
336Total prepaid valuation charge
337Authorized cleaning charges excluded from insurance
338Escalated value
339Original invoice gross total value
34Collected balance required
340Original total net invoice value
341Offset value
342Non-taxable amount
343Closing balance
344Value date balance
345Cost information for providing the statement
346Total credits
347Total debits
348Booked amount on the account
349Pending amount to be booked on the account
35Container cost
350Damage repair cost
351Labour rate per hour
352Total equipment labour costs for wear and tear
353Total equipment repair material costs for wear and tear
354Add to make market value
355Pro-ratable value
356Deduct to make market value
357Interim opening balance
358Interim closing balance
359Balance to be confirmed for audit reasons
36Converted amount
360Accrued debit interest
361Accrued credit interest
362Part of booked amount
363Increase of documentary credit amount
364Decrease of documentary credit amount
365New documentary credit amount after amendment
366Rounding amount
367Labour sales tax
368Material sales tax
369Goods and services tax
37Credit on consignment
370State or province sales tax
371Amount to be transferred
372Direct debit transfer amount
373Total amount of negative credit entries
374Total amount of positive credit entries
375Total amount of positive debit entries
376Accounting entry amount
377Entry's expected amount
378Closing date credit balance
379Closing date debit balance
380Total amount of negative debit entries
381Budget cost
382Actual cost
383Estimate cost
384Earned value cost
385Warranty repair coverage
386Maximum amount including Value Added Tax (VAT)
387Minimum amount including Value Added Tax (VAT)
388Total amount including Value Added Tax (VAT)
389Amount excluding Value Added Tax (VAT)
39Invoice total amount
390Minimum amount excluding Value Added Tax (VAT)
391Indemnity amount
392Sub-contracted amount
393Amount due for work completed during a specified time
394Minimum order or contract amount permitting a fixed sum
395Vending machine refund amount
396Total price subsidy value
397Advertising amount
398Fixed sum advance base amount
399Optional advance amount
4Additional royalties (Customs)
40Goods item for customs declared value amount
400Rebate amount
401Penalty basis amount
402Total retail value
403Exemption amount
404Budget amount
405Value of services remaining to be carried out
406Maximum amount excluding value added tax
407Annual revenue
408Co-insurance commission
409Negotiated cost
41Assigned Customs value
410Estimated cost, authorized unpriced work
411Contract target profit
412Contract target fee
413Contract target price
414Final contract price, estimated
415Contract ceiling price
416Contract ceiling price, estimated
417Contract cost to completion, estimated
418Contract cost at contract completion, estimated
419Contract cost at completion, best case estimate
42Total cash payments received by factor
420Contract cost at completion, worst case estimate
421Contract cost at completion, most likely estimate
422Contract budget base
423Contract cost of money
424General and administrative costs
425Contract undistributed budget cost
426Contract management reserve
427Budget performance
428Budget cost, cumulative to date
429Actual cost, cumulative to date
43Consignment for customs total amount
430Earned value cost, cumulative to date
431Cost variance
432Cost variance, cumulative to date
433Contract replanning adjustment, cost variance
434Contract replanning adjustment, budget
435Budget cost at completion
436Contract negotiated cost, original
437Contract target price, initial
438Contract ceiling price, initial
439Contract target price, adjusted
44Goods item for carriage declared value amount
440Contract ceiling price, adjusted
441Open commitment amount
442Accrued expenditure
443Contract funds authorized, to date
444Contract billing, forecast
445Contract termination costs, estimated
446Contract funds forecast, unauthorized work
447Contract funds forecast, additional work
448Contract total funds required, estimated
449Contract funds carried forward
45Deductible after importation charges (Customs)
450Contract net funds required, estimated
451Cost variance at completion
452Harmonized tariff schedule mixture, composite or set value
453Agreed monetary amount debit line limit
454Total debit charges, not included in debit amount
455Total debit allowances, not included in debit amount
456Total debit charges, included in debit amount
457Total debit allowances, included in debit amount
458Total debit charges, not included in debit amount, to be
459Total debit allowances, not included in debit amount, to be
46Customs allowable deduction basis amount
460Total debit charges, not included in debit amount, to be
461Total debit allowances, not included in debit amount, to be
462Annual turnover
463Dispensing fee
464Gross premium
465Net premium
466Engineering fee amount
467Insurer paid tax amount
468Insurance fixed co-payment
469Insurance variable co-payment
47Delivery fee
470Negotiated contract changes
471Pre-invoiced amount
472Amount accumulated to deductible
473Deductible amount remaining
475Earlier debit amount
476Opening value date balance
477Closing value date balance
478Schedule variance amount
479Schedule variance amount, cumulative to date
48Deposit total
480Total debit charges, not included in credit amount
481Total credit allowances, not included in credit amount
482Total debit charges, included in credit amount
483Total credit allowances, included in credit amount
484Total debit charges, not included in credit amount, to be
485Total credit allowances, not included in credit amount, to
486Total debit charges, not included in credit amount, to be
487Total credit allowances, not included in credit amount, to
488Total charges, not included in transaction amount
489Total allowances, not included in transaction amount
49Development necessary for production of imported goods
490Late delivery penalty
491Debt financing charge
492Debt financing allowance
493Cancellation charge
494Incurred cost
495Accrued overdraft interest
496Total returnable packaging deposit amount
497Goods and services total amount excluding returnable goods
498Waiting time indemnity amount
499Total net amount excluding Value Added Tax (VAT)
5Adjusted amount
500Interest on late payment of solidarity fund contribution
501Interest on late payment of employee's additional
502Taxable disbursement amount
503Contract total amount
504Daily contribution
505Rental amount
506Gross progress payment amount
507Net progress payment amount
508Value of returned product
509Unit allowance amount
51Disbursements fee
510Remaining available overdraft
511Unit charge amount
512Agreed monetary amount credit line limit
513Dossier amount
514Amount for pre-advising
516Debit balance at closing date of accounting period under
517Credit balance at closing date of accounting period under
518Debit balance at starting date of accounting period under
519Credit balance at starting date of accounting period under
52Discount amount
520Total of debit balances at closing date of accounting
521Total of credit balances at closing date of accounting
522Total of debit balances at starting date of accounting
523Total of credit balances at starting date of accounting
524Cost accounting entry amount
526Volume discount
527Product range discount
528Calculation basis excluding all taxes
529Calculation basis which includes all taxes except VAT
53Discount amount due
531Total returnable packaging rental amount
532Total Marine Diesel Oil on board amount, on arrival
533Total Marine Diesel Oil amount, loaded
534Total Intermediate Fuel Oil on board amount, on arrival
535Total Intermediate Fuel Oil amount, loaded
536Total Bunker C oil on board amount, on arrival
537Total Bunker C oil amount, loaded
538Government agency valuation commodity value
539Valuation adjustment amount
54Distribution service fee
540Damage allowance
541Air transport freight cost
542Unloading and handling cost
543Commission and brokerage, except buying commission
544Taxable amount - excluding payment discount amount
545Must buy product in multi-buy promotion value
546Additional voluntary contribution amount
547Interest amount over employee's obligatory contribution
548Prepaid amount related to the obligatory contribution
549Amount to be compensated between social security entities
55Duty amount
550Bank check amount
56Duty/tax/fee basis amount
57Equivalent amount
58Fee amount
59Fees paid year to date
6Amount reference currency
60Final (posted) amount
61Float (e.g. "cash float")
62Total payments on account received by a factor
63FOB value
64Freight charge
65Total indirect amount payments made to a seller or his
66Goods item total
67Insurance amount
68Insurance and transport charges (Customs)
69Insurance and transport charges incurred outside Customs
7Agreed charge
70Consignment to importation location insurance amount
71Insurance charges incurred outside of Customs territory
72Internal charges (Customs)
73Total amount of payments booked to the collateral account
74Amount to be paid in advance
75Registered capital
76Investable balance
77Invoice line item amount
78Landing charges
79Total line items amount
8Allowance or charge amount
80Licence fees related to imported goods (Customs)
81Loading and handling cost
82Lock box total
84Material consumed in production of imported goods (Customs)
85Maximum charge
86Message total monetary amount
87Minimum charge
88National preference basis amount
89Negative collected balance
9Amount due/amount payable
90Negative ledger balance
91Net adjustment
92Net fee position
93Net year to date excess (deficit)
94No amount of insurance
95No declared value for carriage
96No declared value for Customs
97Quotation total amount
98Original amount
99Other charges at destination
ZZZMutually defined