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Element 5153: Duty or tax or fee type name code

NameDuty or tax or fee type name code
BeschreibungCode specifying a type of duty, tax or fee.


AAAPetroleum tax
AABProvisional countervailing duty cash
AACProvisional countervailing duty bond
AADTobacco tax
AAEEnergy fee
AAFCoffee tax
AAGHarmonised sales tax, Canadian
AAHQuebec sales tax
AAICanadian provincial sales tax
AAJTax on replacement part
AAKMineral oil tax
AALSpecial tax
AAMInsurance tax
ADDAnti-dumping duty
BOLStamp duty (Imposta di Bollo)
CAPAgricultural levy
CARCar tax
COCPaper consortium tax (Italy)
CSTCommodity specific tax
CUDCustoms duty
CVDCountervailing duty
ENVEnvironmental tax
EXCExcise duty
EXPAgricultural export rebate
FETFederal excise tax
GCNGeneral construction tax
GSTGoods and services tax
ILLIlluminants tax
IMPImport tax
INDIndividual tax
LACBusiness license fee
LCNLocal construction tax
LDPLight dues payable
LOCLocal sales tax
LSTLust tax
MCAMonetary compensatory amount
MCDMiscellaneous cash deposit
OTHOther taxes
PDBProvisional duty bond
PDCProvisional duty cash
PRFPreference duty
SCNSpecial construction tax
SSSShifted social securities
STTState/provincial sales tax
SUPSuspended duty
SWTShifted wage tax
TACAlcohol mark tax
TOXTurnover tax
TTATonnage taxes
VADValuation deposit
VATValue added tax