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Element 5189: Allowance or charge identification code

NameAllowance or charge identification code
BeschreibungCode specifying the identification of an allowance or charge.


1Handling commission
10Opening commission
100Special rebate
101Carbon footprint charge
102Fixed long term
105Yearly turnover
106Withheld taxes and social security contributions
11Fee for payment under reserve
12Discrepancy fee
13Domicilation commission
14Commission for release of goods
15Collection commission
16Negotiation commission
17Return commission
18B/L splitting charges
19Trust commission
2Amendment commission
20Transfer commission
21Commission for opening irrevocable documentary credits
22Pre-advice commission
23Supervisory commission
24Model charges
25Risk commission
26Guarantee commission
27Reimbursement commission
28Stamp duty
3Acceptance commission
30Bank charges
31Bank charges information
32Courier fee
33Phone fee
34Postage fee
35S.W.I.F.T. fee
36Telex fee
37Penalty for late delivery of documents
38Penalty for late delivery of valuation of works
39Penalty for execution of works behind schedule
4Commission for obtaining acceptance
40Other penalties
41Bonus for works ahead of schedule
42Other bonus
44Project management cost
45Pro rata retention
46Contractual retention
47Other retentions
48Interest on arrears
5Commission on delivery
50Charge per credit cover
51Charge per unused credit cover
52Minimum commission
53Factoring commission
54Chamber of commerce charge
55Transfer charges
56Repatriation charges
57Miscellaneous charges
58Foreign exchange charges
59Agreed debit interest charge
6Advising commission
60Manufacturer's consumer discount
61Fax advice charge
62Due to military status
63Due to work accident
64Special agreement
65Production error discount
66New outlet discount
67Sample discount
68End-of-range discount
69Charge for a customer specific finish
7Confirmation commission
70Incoterm discount
71Point of sales threshold allowance
72Technical modification costs
73Job-order production costs
74Off-premises costs
75Additional processing costs
76Attesting charge
77Rush delivery surcharge
78Special construction costs
79Freight charges
8Deferred payment commission
80Packing charge
81Repair charge
82Loading charge
83Setup charge
84Testing charge
85Warehousing charge
86Gold surcharge
87Copper surcharge
88Material surcharge/deduction
89Lead surcharge
9Commission for taking up documents
90Price index surcharge
91Platinum surcharge
92Silver surcharge
93Wolfram surcharge
94Aluminum surcharge
97Minimum order / minimum billing charge
98Material surcharge (special materials)