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Element 5387: Price specification code

NamePrice specification code
BeschreibungCode identifying pricing specification.


AAAReference price
AABPrice includes tax
AACBuyer suggested retail price
AADOcean charges rate
AAENot subject to fluctuation
AAFSubject to escalation
AAGSubject to price adjustment
AAHSubject to escalation and price adjustment
AAIFluctuation conditions not specified
AAJAll in price
AAKNew price
AALOld price
AAMPer week
AANPrice on application
AAOUnpacked price
AAPTrade price
AAQFirm price
AARMaterial share of item price
AASLabour share of item price
AATTransport share of item price
AAUPacking share of item price
AAVTooling share of item price
AAWTemporary vehicle charge
AAXPrice component due to interest
AAYPrice component due to management services
AAZPrice component due to maintenance
ABAIndividual buyer price
ABBGroup buying price
ABCGroup member buying price
ABDPre-payment price
ABERetail price - excluding taxes
ABFSuggested retail price - excluding taxes
ABGAgreed minimum price
ABHStatutory minimum retail price
ABICost reimbursement price
ABJMarket price
ABKOpen tender price
ABLBase price
ABMBase price difference
ABNAdjustable price prior to acceptance
ABORevisable price after acceptance
ABPProvisional ceiling price
ABQAdjustable provisional ceiling price
ABRRevisable provisional ceiling price
ABSRevisable provisional price
ABTAdjustable provisional price
ABUArea price
ABVArea system price
ABWSpecial balance regulation price
ABXBalance regulation price
ABYUpward balance regulation price
ABZDownward balance regulation price
ACAAgreed minimum retail price
ACBMarked retail price
AIActive ingredient
ALTAlternate price
APAdvice price
BRBroker price
CATCatalogue price
CDVCurrent domestic value
CONContract price
CPCurrent price
CUConsumer unit
CUPConfirmed unit price
CUSDeclared customs unit value
DAPDealer adjusted price
DISDistributor price
DPRDiscount price
DRDealer price
DSCDiscount amount allowed
ECECSC price
ESEstimated price
EUPExpected unit price
FCRFreight/charge rate
GRPGross unit price
INVInvoice price
LBLLabelling price
MAXMaximum order quantity price
MINMinimum order quantity price
MNRMinimum release quantity price
MSRManufacturer's suggested retail
MXRMaximum release quantity price
NENot-to-exceed price
NQTNo quote
NTPNet unit price
NWNet weight
OFROcean freight rate
PAQPrice break quantity(s)
PBQUnit price beginning quantity
PPDPrepaid freight charges
PPRProvisional price
PROProducer's price
PRPPromotional price
PWGross weight
QTEQuote price
RESResale price
RTPRetail price
SHDShip and debit
SRPSuggested retail price
SWGross weight without wooden pallets
TBTo be negotiated
TUTraded unit
TWTheoretical weight
WHWholesale price