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Element 6063: Quantity type code qualifier

NameQuantity type code qualifier
BeschreibungCode qualifying the type of quantity.


1Discrete quantity
10Judgements registered
100Chargeable weight
101Chargeable gross weight
102Chargeable tare weight
103Chargeable number of axles
104Chargeable number of containers
105Chargeable number of rail wagons
106Chargeable number of packages
107Chargeable number of units
108Chargeable period
109Chargeable volume
11Split quantity
110Chargeable cubic measurements
111Chargeable surface
112Chargeable length
113Quantity to be delivered
114Number of passengers
115Number of crew
116Number of transport documents
117Quantity landed
118Quantity manifested
119Short shipped
12Despatch quantity
120Split shipment
121Over shipped
122Short-landed goods
123Surplus goods
124Damaged goods
125Pilferage goods
126Lost goods
127Report difference
128Quantity loaded
129Units per unit price
13Liens registered
131Delivery quantity
132Cumulative quantity, preceding period, planned
133Cumulative quantity, preceding period, reached
134Cumulative quantity, actual planned
135Period quantity, planned
136Period quantity, reached
137Cumulative quantity, preceding period, estimated
138Cumulative quantity, actual estimated
139Cumulative quantity, preceding period, measured
140Cumulative quantity, actual measured
141Period quantity, measured
142Total quantity, planned
143Quantity, remaining
145Actual stock
146Model or target stock
147Direct shipment quantity
148Amortization total quantity
149Amortization order quantity
15Insufficient funds returned cheques
150Amortization cumulated quantity
151Quantity advised
152Consignment stock
153Statistical sales quantity
154Sales quantity planned
155Replenishment quantity
156Inventory movement quantity
157Opening stock balance quantity
158Closing stock balance quantity
159Number of stops
16Stolen cheques
160Minimum production batch
161Dimensional sample quantity
162Functional sample quantity
163Pre-production quantity
164Delivery batch
165Delivery batch multiple
166All time buy
167Total delivery quantity
168Single delivery quantity
169Supplied quantity
17Quantity on hand
170Allocated quantity
171Maximum stackability
172Amortisation quantity
173Previously amortised quantity
174Total amortisation quantity
175Number of moulds
176Concurrent item output of tooling
177Periodic capacity of tooling
178Lifetime capacity of tooling
179Number of deliveries per despatch period
18Previous quantity
180Provided quantity
181Maximum production batch
182Cancelled quantity
183No delivery requirement in this instruction
184Quantity of material in ordered time
185Rejected quantity
186Cumulative quantity scheduled up to accumulation start date
187Quantity scheduled
188Number of identical handling units
189Number of packages in handling unit
19Paid-in security shares
190Despatch note quantity
191Adjustment to inventory quantity
192Free goods quantity
193Free quantity included
194Received and accepted
195Received, not accepted, to be returned
196Received, not accepted, to be destroyed
197Reordering level
199Inventory withdrawal quantity
20Unusable quantity
200Free quantity not included
201Recommended overhaul and repair quantity
202Quantity per next higher assembly
203Quantity per unit of issue
204Cumulative scrap quantity
205Publication turn size
206Recommended maintenance quantity
207Labour hours
208Quantity requirement for maintenance and repair of
209Additional replenishment demand quantity
21Ordered quantity
210Returned by consumer quantity
211Replenishment override quantity
212Quantity sold, net
213Transferred out quantity
214Transferred in quantity
215Unsaleable quantity
216Consumer reserved quantity
217Out of inventory quantity
218Quantity returned, defective or damaged
219Taxable quantity
22Quantity at 100%
220Meter reading
221Maximum requestable quantity
222Minimum requestable quantity
223Daily average quantity
224Budgeted hours
225Actual hours
226Earned value hours
227Estimated hours
228Level resource task quantity
229Available resource task quantity
23Active ingredient
230Work time units
231Daily work shifts
232Work time units per shift
233Work calendar units
234Elapsed duration
235Remaining duration
236Original duration
237Current duration
238Total float time
239Free float time
24Inventory quantity at supplier's not subject to inspection
240Lag time
241Lead time
242Number of months
243Reserved quantity customer direct delivery sales
244Reserved quantity retail sales
245Consolidated discount inventory
246Returns replacement quantity
247Additional promotion sales forecast quantity
248Reserved quantity
249Quantity displayed not available for sale
25Retail sales
250Inventory discrepancy
251Incremental order quantity
252Quantity requiring manipulation before despatch
253Quantity in quarantine
254Quantity withheld by owner of goods
255Quantity not available for despatch
256Quantity awaiting delivery
257Quantity in physical inventory
258Quantity held by logistic service provider
259Optimal quantity
26Promotion quantity
260Delivery quantity balance
261Cumulative quantity shipped
262Quantity suspended
263Control quantity
264Equipment quantity
266Unsold quantity held by wholesaler
267Quantity held by delivery vehicle
268Quantity held by retail outlet
269Rejected return quantity
27On hold for shipment
271Accounts placed for collection
272Activity codes
274Airline attendants
275Authorised shares
276Employee average
277Branch locations
278Capital changes
28Military sales quantity
280Companies in same activity
281Companies included in consolidated financial statement
282Cooperative shares
285Design employees
287Domestic affiliated companies
289Employed at location
29On premises sales
290Employed by this company
291Total employees
292Employees shared
294Estimated accounts
295Estimated employees at location
296Estimated total employees
298Agricultural workers
299Financial institutions
3Cumulative quantity
30Off premises sales
300Floors occupied
301Foreign related entities
302Group employees
303Indirect employees
306Issued shares
308Manufactured units
309Maximum number of employees
31Estimated annual volume
310Maximum number of employees at location
311Members in group
312Minimum number of employees at location
313Minimum number of employees
314Non-union employees
317Office workers
318Other employees
319Part time employees
32Minimum delivery batch
320Accounts payable average overdue days
322Plant workers
323Previous number of accounts
324Previous number of branch locations
325Principals included as employees
326Protested bills
327Registered brands distributed
328Registered brands manufactured
329Related business entities
33Maximum delivery batch
330Relatives employed
335Shares of common stock
336Shares of preferred stock
337Silent partners
340Law suits
345Union employees
346Number of units
347Warehouse employees
348Shareholders holding remainder of shares
349Payment orders filed
35Price break from
350Uncovered cheques
352Units produced
353Added employees
354Number of added locations
355Total number of foreign subsidiaries not included in
356Number of closed locations
357Counter clerks
358Payment experiences in the last 3 months
359Payment experiences in the last 12 months
36Price break to
360Total number of subsidiaries not included in the financial
361Paid-in common shares
362Total number of domestic subsidiaries not included in
363Total number of foreign subsidiaries included in financial
364Total number of domestic subsidiaries included in financial
365Total transactions
366Paid-in preferred shares
368Active ingredient dose per unit, dispensed
370Budget, cumulative to date
371Actual units
372Actual units, cumulative to date
373Earned value
374Earned value, cumulative to date
375At completion quantity, estimated
376To complete quantity, estimated
377Adjusted units
378Number of limited partnership shares
379National business failure incidences
38Secured charges registered
380Industry business failure incidences
381Business class failure incidences
384Primary managers
386Detrimental legal filings
387Branch office locations, estimated
388Previous number of employees
389Asset seizers
39Total properties owned
390Out-turned quantity
391Material on-board quantity, prior to loading
392Supplier estimated previous meter reading
393Supplier estimated latest meter reading
394Customer estimated previous meter reading
395Customer estimated latest meter reading
396Supplier previous meter reading
397Supplier latest meter reading
398Maximum number of purchase orders allowed
399File size before compression
4Interest for overdrawn account
40Normal delivery
400File size after compression
401Securities shares
403Completed projects
408Debt collectors
41Sales quantity not included in the replenishment
412Active accounts
413Trademarks used
415Fuel pumps
416Tables available
418Freelance debt collectors
419Freelance salespersons
42Maximum supply quantity, supplier endorsed
420Travelling employees
422Production workers
423Employees not including owners
425Resting quantity
426Production requirements
427Corrected quantity
428Operating divisions
429Quantitative incentive scheme base
430Petitions filed
431Bankruptcy petitions filed
432Projects in process
433Changes in capital structure
434Detrimental legal filings against directors
435Number of failed businesses of directors
438Skilled worker
439Trademark represented
44Debenture bond
440Number of quantitative incentive scheme units
441Quantity in manufacturing process
442Number of units in the width of a layer
443Number of units in the depth of a layer
444Return to warehouse
445Return to the manufacturer
446Delta quantity
447Quantity moved between outlets
448Pre-paid invoice annual consumption, estimated
449Total quoted quantity
45Debentures filed against directors
450Requests pertaining to entity in last 12 months
451Total inquiry matches
452En route to warehouse quantity
453En route from warehouse quantity
454Quantity ordered but not yet allocated from stock
455Not yet ordered quantity
456Net reserve power
457Maximum number of units per shelf
46Pieces delivered
460Maximum quantity capability of the package
462Monthly volume, estimated
463Total number of persons
464Tariff Quantity
465Deducted tariff quantity
466Advised but not arrived
467Received but not available
468Goods blocked for transshipment process
469Goods blocked for cross docking process
47Invoiced quantity
470Chargeable number of trailers
471Number of packages for a set
472Number of items in a set
473Order sizing factor
474Number of different next lower level trade items
475Agreed maximum buying quantity
476Agreed minimum buying quantity
477Free quantity of next lower level trade item
478Marine Diesel Oil bunkers on board, on arrival
479Marine Diesel Oil bunkers, loaded
48Received quantity
480Intermediate Fuel Oil bunkers on board, on arrival
481Intermediate Fuel Oil bunkers, loaded
482Bunker C bunkers on board, on arrival
483Bunker C bunkers, loaded
484Number of individual units within the smallest packaging
485Percentage of constituent element
486Quantity to be decremented (LPCO)
487Regulated commodity count
488Number of passengers, embarking
489Number of passengers, disembarking
49Chargeable distance
490Constituent element or component quantity
491Number of containers discharged for restow
492Number of containers loaded for restow
493Number of hatch cover moves
494Total number of equipment moves, load and discharge
495Number of container moves, load and discharge
496Number of containers to be shifted
497Number of Ro/Ro container moves, load and discharge
498Number of Ro/Ro units, load and discharge
499Number of breakbulk cargo items, load and discharge
5Active ingredient dose per unit
50Disposition undetermined quantity
500Number of moves of stacking frames, load and discharge
501Quantity, credited
502Quantity, debited
503Quantity to be checked
504Number of wash loads
505Goods in transit not responsibility of party reporting
506Goods in transit responsibility of party reporting
507Free quantity basis
508Forecast quantity
509Sales forecast quantity
51Inventory category transfer
510Minimum invoicing quantity
511Quantity tested
512Must buy product quantity in multi-buy promotion
513Number of units in higher packaging or configuration level
514Quantity blocked by owner of goods
515Available for despatch
516Rate of conversion
517Maximum number of deliveries
518Quantity prepared for despatch
519Average number of units in lower packaging or configuration
52Quantity per pack
520Optional quantity
521Quantity in customs bond
522Quantity settling
523Produced quantity
524Extraordinary sale
525Reserved quantity, provisional
526Consignment stock, available on ordering
527Consignment stock, available on agreement
528Consignment stock, available at due date
529Total number of loading and discharge lashing equipment
53Minimum order quantity
530Requested promotion quantity out of stock
531Ordered promotion quantity awaiting despatch
532Unprocessed confirmed sales order quantity
533Unprocessed confirmed sales order promotional quantity
54Maximum order quantity
55Total sales
56Wholesaler to wholesaler sales
57In transit quantity
58Quantity withdrawn
59Numbers of consumer units in the traded unit
60Current inventory quantity available for shipment
61Return quantity
62Sorted quantity
63Sorted quantity rejected
64Scrap quantity
65Destroyed quantity
66Committed quantity
67Estimated reading quantity
68End quantity
69Start quantity
7Branch locations, leased
70Cumulative quantity received
71Cumulative quantity ordered
72Cumulative quantity received end of prior year
73Outstanding quantity
74Latest cumulative quantity
75Previous highest cumulative quantity
76Adjusted corrector reading
77Work days
78Cumulative quantity scheduled
79Previous cumulative quantity
8Inventory quantity at supplier's subject to inspection by
80Unadjusted corrector reading
81Extra unplanned delivery
82Quantity requirement for sample inspection
83Backorder quantity
84Urgent delivery quantity
85Previous order quantity to be cancelled
86Normal reading quantity
87Customer reading quantity
88Information reading quantity
89Quality control held
9Branch locations, owned
90As is quantity
91Open quantity
92Final delivery quantity
93Subsequent delivery quantity
94Substitutional quantity
95Redelivery after post processing
96Quality control failed
97Minimum inventory
98Maximum inventory
99Estimated quantity
ZZZMutually defined