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Element 6069: Control total type code qualifier

NameControl total type code qualifier
BeschreibungCode qualifying the type of control of hash total.


1Total of line item quantities
10Total number of consignments
11Consignment package quantity
12Invoice total amount
13Loading list document quantity
14Number of Customs commercial detail lines
15Total consignment, cube
16Total number of equipment
17Consignment for customs total amount
18Total reported quantity in net weight
19Total reported quantity in supplementary units
2Number of line items in message
20Total reported invoice(s) value
21Total reported ancillary costs
22Total reported statistical value
23Total ordered quantity
24Number of orders referenced in this message
25Number of rejected order lines
26Total gross measurement/cube
27Total number of credit items given for control purposes
28Total number of debit items given for control purposes
29Total net weight of consignment
3Number of line and sub items in message
30Total number of empty containers
31Number of messages
32Total gross weight of the goods within the means of
33Total number of original Bills of Lading
34Total number of copy Bills of Lading
35Number of containers to be discharged
36Number of containers to be loaded
37Number of containers to be restowed
38Number of containers to be shifted
39Total number of individual transactions
4Number of invoice lines
40Total number of sequence details in message
41Total number of crew
42Total number of passengers
43Total number of work tasks
44Total number of milestones
45Total number of available resources
46Total number of constraints
47Total wholesaler unsold quantity
48Total quantity held by delivery vehicles
49Total quantity held by retail outlets
5Number of Customs item detail lines
50Total rejected return quantity
51Number of goods items in the message
52Number of patients
53Hash total of reported debit items
54Hash total of reported credit items
55Total number of errors reported
56Total number of transport units
57Total loading metres
58Days under customs transit control
59Total gross weight of consignment, shipper measured
6Number of Customs entries
60Total pallet gross weight
61Number of affixed seals
62Number of premises
63Number of meters
64Total number of pallet places
7Total gross weight
8Total pieces
9Total number of ULD (Unit Load Device)