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Element 6165: Weight qualifier

NameWeight qualifier
BeschreibungCode defining the type of weight


01Consignment gross weight
02Chargable weight
03Net net weight
04Legal Weight
05Container tare weight
06Net weight
07Container gross weight
08Gross weight
10Weight per 100 feet
11Weight per 1000 feet
12Weight per 100 units
13Weight per 1000 units
14Per unit dunnage
15Weight per unit
AConsolidated weight
A1Dimensional Weight
A2Reweighed by carrier
A3Shippers Weight
BBilled Weight
CActual net repeated for combination
DDestination Weight Agreement
EEstimated net weight
FDeficit weight
JLight weight
KClean Out
MMinimum weight (for rate)
NActual net weight
OExcess weight over maximum
SState weight
TTare weight
VNon transit weight (on transit bills only)
WTransit weight (on transit bills only)
YTheoretical weight
ZMutually defined