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Element 7233: Packaging related description code

NamePackaging related description code
BeschreibungCode specifying information related to packaging.


1Product ingredients not marked on package
10No freshness date marked on package
2Product price not marked on packaging
3Product best before date not marked on product package
31Package best before date marked
32Package marked recyclable
33Package marked returnable
34Product marking
35Type of package
36Package specifications
37Package protection
39Platform/skid location
4Package not marked recyclable
40Bearing piece location
41Skid/pallet type
42Placement on carrier
43Spacing directions
44Unloading device
45Unloading equipment
46Packing method
47Packing group I
48Packing group II
49Packing group III
5Promotional details marked
50Package barcoded EAN-13 or EAN-8
51Package barcoded ITF-14 or ITF-6
52Package barcoded UCC or EAN-128
53Package price marked
54Product ingredients marked on package
55Core characteristics
56Shipping requirement
57Customs requirement
58Transport contract requirement
59Preservation method
6Labeled according to general EAN.UCC specifications for
60Product marking pattern
61Product marking location
62Package/container mark location
63Marking method
64Package never EPC tagged
65Package sometimes EPC tagged
66Receiving facility limitations
67Tagging/bar code instructions
68Shipping package labelling
69Shipping package sealing
7Sell-by date marked on package
70Optional packaging procedure
71Cleaning or drying specification
72Cushioning thickness specification
73Cushioning and dunnage specification
74Level of preservation specification
75Preservation material specification
76Unit container specification
77Material wrapping specification
78Package bar-coded and EPC tagged
79Package EPC tagged only
8Use-by date marked on package
80Marked with “display until date”
81Package marked with a variable measure barcode
82Package marked with fixed measure barcode.
83RFID not on packaging
84RFID on packaging
85Package not marked returnable
86Gift wrapping
87Accompanied by greeting card
9Packaging / manufacturing date marked on package