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Element 7273: Service requirement code

NameService requirement code
BeschreibungCode specifying a service requirement.


1Carrier loads
10Partial shipment not allowed
11Partial shipment and/or drawing allowed
12Partial shipment and/or drawing not allowed
13Carrier unloads
14Shipper unloads
15Consignee unloads
16Consignee loads
17Exclusive usage of equipment
18Non exclusive usage of equipment
19Direct delivery
2Full loads
20Direct pick-up
21Request for delivery advice services
22Do not arrange customs clearance
23Arrange customs clearance
24Check container condition
25Damaged containers allowed
26Dirty containers allowed
27Fork lift holes not required
28Fork lift holes required
29Insure goods during transport
3Less than full loads
30Arrange main-carriage
31Arrange on-carriage
32Arrange pre-carriage
33Report container safety convention information
34Check seals
35Container must be clean
36Request for proof of delivery
37Request for Customs procedure
38Request for administration services
39Transport insulated under Intercontainer INTERFRIGO
4Shipper loads
40Transport mechanically refrigerated under Intercontainer
41Cool or freeze service, not under Intercontainer INTERFRIGO
42Transhipment overseas
43Station delivery
44Non station delivery
45Cleaning or disinfecting
46Close ventilation valve
47Consignment held for pick-up
48Refrigeration unit check
49Customs clearance at arrival country by carrier
5To be delivered
50Customs clearance at departure country by carrier
51Heating for live animals
52Goods humidification
53Ensure load is secure
54Open ventilation valve
55Phytosanitary control
56Tare check by carrier
57Temperature check
58Weighing of goods
6To be kept
60No escort
61Request for berthing services
62Request for planned berth consideration
63Request for inbound passing services through port area
64Request for outbound passing services through port area
65Neutral delivery
66Early delivery
7Transhipment allowed
8Transhipment not allowed
9Partial shipment allowed