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Element 7365: Processing indicator description code

NameProcessing indicator description code
BeschreibungCode specifying a processing indicator.


1Message content accepted
10Declaration requested
100Transaction exceeds default credit limit
101Transaction received and redirected to another bank and/or
102Potential duplicate of a previous payment
103Cancellation pending
104Cancellation instruction too late to carry out
105Invalid bank branch sort code
106Invalid account number
107Transaction duplicates previous transaction
108Transaction out of time limits
109Invalid and/or incomplete name and address
11Pre-entry information
110No name and address specified
111No communication number specified
112Bank branch number and/or details invalid
113Message from ordering customer did not contain all data
114Date of cheque invalid
115Totals for transaction do not match details
116Transaction different to normal
117Method of payment invalid
118Ordering customer's payment order number invalid
119Ordering customer's message control value invalid
12Sender not allowed the message type
120Ordering customer's message control quantity invalid
121Beneficiary's account frozen by legal authorities
122Invalid cancellation request because transaction already
123Account holder specified by ordering customer is deceased
124Ordering customer's instruction is a duplicate
125Unauthorized message version
126Debtor's account unknown
127Health insurance exclusion condition may apply
128Pre-existing condition warning indicator
129Cancellation executed
13Message type not supported
130Bordereau ceded premium
131Bordereau open claims
132Bordereau closed claims
133Bordereau settled claims
134Third party business
135Parties are not related
136Parties related, affects price paid or payable
137Parties related, does not affect price
138Valuation based on price paid or payable without
139Valuation based on price paid or payable with adjustments
14Error message
140Valuation based on transaction value of identical goods
141Valuation based on transaction value of similar goods
142Valuation based on deductive value of imported goods
143Valuation based on computed value
144Valuation based on the residual method
145Valuation adjustment for price influence
146Valuation adjustment for royalties
147Valuation adjustment for assists
148Valuation adjustments for proceeds
149Valuation adjustments for commissions
15Response after correction, correction approved
150Valuation adjustments for insurance
151Valuation adjustment for freight charges
152Valuation adjustment for handling charges
153Valuation adjustments for allowances
154Valuation adjustments for other buyer-incurred costs
155Mutually defined valuation adjustment
156Carrier split consignment
157Not carrier split consignment
158Country of declaration within same customs or economic
159Country of declaration not within same customs or economic
16Response after correction, correction non approved
160Freight charges apportioned by weight
161Freight charges apportioned by value
162Container compliant with the code of International
163Container not compliant with the code of International
164Consignment arrived under customs control
165Consignment not arrived under customs control
166Agent quality assurance level used
167Agent quality assurance level not used
168Constituent element is active ingredient
169Constituent element is not an active ingredient
17Message received
170Goods not susceptible to fraud
171Goods susceptible to fraud
172Goods conditionally susceptible to fraud
173Information, verified
174Information, not verified
175Freight charges apportioned by volume
176Required document available
18Request for clearance
19Bulk goods
2Message content rejected with comment
20Cash payment deferred
21Unsolicited text
25Prohibited/restricted goods
26Container quarantine
27Onward carriage: immediate export
29Onward carriage: inland clearance
3Message content rejected without comment
30Transaction will not be processed until action is taken by
31Transaction cannot be processed by the recipient
32Transaction accepted
33Transaction rejected
34Transaction awaiting processing
35Transaction unknown
36Changed information
37Complete information
38Manual procedures
4Goods released
40Seal intact
41Seal not intact
42Container equipment not damaged
43Container equipment damaged
44Status of message
45Beneficiary's account number unknown
46Payee's account number unknown
47Payer's account number unknown
48Correspondent bank not possible
49Execution date not possible
5Goods required for examination
50Value date not possible
51Currency code not possible
52Invalid decimal number
53Orders executed (on)
54Transaction(s) effected and advised (on)
55Not yet debited
56Beneficiary is unable to identify the transaction
57Restowage of cargo
58Onward carriage: sea clearance
59Perishable goods
6All documents or as specified to be produced
61Transaction reason non reportable
62Reporting via a bank with forwarding abroad authorized
63Reporting via a bank with forwarding abroad denied
64Balance Of Payments complementary information is requested
65Direct reporting
66Message content accepted, with comments
67Message content partly accepted, with comments
68Goods carried in container
69Goods not carried in container
7Goods detained
70Ship's stores declaration
71Unpack on premises
72Beneficiary's financial information incorrect
73Charge(s) details not correct
74Date(s) not correct
75Currency details incorrect
76Monetary amount incorrect
77Payments sent correctly
78Beneficiary has not received the funds
79Beneficiary received the funds late
8Goods may move under Customs transfer
80Unjustified charges at beneficiary's side
81Confirmation of authorization
82Beneficiary's account closed
83Transaction execution pending
84Transaction rejected due to insufficient funds
85Party identification not known
86Beneficiary unknown
87Beneficiary's bank unknown
88Precedence logic format
89Arrow logic format
9Declaration accepted awaiting goods arrival
90Bar-chart format
91Milestone format
92Line of balance format
93Task list format
94Delivery point driven scheduling method
95Product driven scheduling method
96Confirmation, payment sent as instructed
97Beneficiary has received funds
98Individual transaction over credit limit
99Cumulative transactions exceed credit limit
ZZZMutually defined