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Element 7405: Object identification code qualifier

NameObject identification code qualifier
BeschreibungCode qualifying the identification of an object.


AAHouse bill of lading
AB1st structure element name
AC2nd structure element name
AD3rd structure element name
AE4th structure element name
AF5th structure element name
AG6th structure element name
AH7th structure element name
AI8th structure element name
AJ9th structure element name
AKData set
ALKanban card identifier
AMLevel number
ANManufacturing reference number
AOPosition number in package
AQRelease number
ARStatistical concept
ATTransport packing group number
AUValue list
AVValue list subset
AWSerial shipping container code
AXCase number
AYFinancial security identification number
AZCompact disk player security code number
BAQuestion in questionnaire
BCCheck digit
BDVehicle telephone identification number
BEBatch excluded
BFDoor key number
BGFleet number
BHIgnition key number
BIRadio security code number
BKFleet vehicle unit number
BLVehicle registration number
BMAccounting Classification Reference Number (ACRN)
BNSerial number
BPSpecial Accounting Classification Reference Number (ACRN)
BRTransportation Account Code (TAC)
BSFinancial details
BTAccount manager
BUPackage buyer assigned identifier
BVPredecessor constraint
BWSuccessor constraint
BXBatch number
BYPerson identity number
BZHealth-care professional identity number
CAPrivate institution identity number
CBPublic institution identity number
CCTree structure
CDTree structure subset
CELink set
CFOrganisation chart
CGHealthcare provider number (non-government)
CHPrimary patient identification number
CIInsurer identification number
CJHospital issued healthcare provider number
CKHealthcare practice identification number
CLAgent identification number
CMInsurer group identification number
CNChassis number
COInvoice number
CPAccount number
CQInternal control number
CRPolicy number
CSAttribute set
CTFootnote set
CUGS1 Global Individual Asset Identifier
CWAuthority registered number
CXIdentification tag, affixed
CYIdentification tattoo
CZIdentification wingband
DAGS1 Global Returnable Asset Identifier, without serial
DBGS1 Global Returnable Asset Identifier, with serial number
DCGS1 Global Identification Number for Consignment (GINC)
DDGS1 Global Shipment Identification Number (GSIN)
EEEngine number
EFCoupon number
EGCheque number
EHGS1 Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)
EMEmulsion number
ILInvoice line number
MLMarking/label number
PNPart number
SCSecondary Customs tariff number
VVVehicle identity number
VWSkid number
VYInsurance policy
VZTransport unit identification according to ISO/IEC 15459
WAIndivisible transport unit according to ISO/IEC 15459
WBDivisible transport unit according to ISO/IEC 15459
ZZZMutually defined