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Element 8051: Transport stage code qualifier

NameTransport stage code qualifier
BeschreibungCode qualifying a specific stage of transport.


1Inland transport
10Pre-carriage transport
11At border
12At departure
13At destination
15Main carriage - fourth carrier
16Main carriage - fifth carrier
17Main carriage - sixth carrier
18Main carriage - seventh carrier
19Main carriage - eighth carrier
2At the statistical territory limit
20Main-carriage transport
21Main carriage - first carrier
22Main carriage - second carrier
23Main carriage - third carrier
24Inland waterway transport
25Delivery carrier all transport
26Second pre-carriage transport
27Pre-acceptance transport
28Second on-carriage transport
29Main carriage - ninth carrier
3At arrival
30On-carriage transport
31Main carriage - tenth carrier
32Main carriage - eleventh carrier
33Main carriage - twelfth carrier
4Means of transport at transit
5Means of transport crossing the regulatory border
6Means of transport at first port of arrival into regulatory