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Element 8155: Equipment size and type description code

NameEquipment size and type description code
BeschreibungCode specifying the size and type of equipment.
Anmerkung 1 May use codes specified in ISO 6346 for seagoing containers.


1Dime coated tank
10Nonworking reefer container 40 ft
13Scandinavian pallet
15Nonworking reefer container 20 ft
16Exchangeable pallet
18Tank container 20 feet
19Tank container 30 feet
2Epoxy coated tank
20Tank container 40 feet
21Container IC 20 feet
22Container IC 30 feet
23Container IC 40 feet
24Refrigerated tank 20 feet
25Refrigerated tank 30 feet
26Refrigerated tank 40 feet
27Tank container IC 20 feet
28Tank container IC 30 feet
29Tank container IC 40 feet
30Refrigerated tank IC 20 feet
31Temperature controlled container 30 ft.
32Refrigerated tank IC 40 feet
33Movable case: L < 6,15m
34Movable case: 6,15m < L < 7,82m
35Movable case: 7,82m < L < 9,15m
36Movable case: 9,15m < L < 10,90m
37Movable case: 10,90m < L < 13,75m
39Temperature controlled container 20 ft
40Temperature controlled container 40 ft
41Non working refrigerated (reefer) container 30ft.
42Dual trailers
4320 ft IL container (open top)
4420 ft IL container (closed top)
4540 ft IL container (closed top)
46Synthetic pallet ISO 1
47Synthetic pallet ISO 2
6Pressurized tank
7Refrigerated tank
9Stainless steel tank