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Nachricht COARRI: D

BeschreibungContainer discharge/loading report message


UNH0A service segment starting and uniquely identifying a message. The message type code for the Container discharge/loading report message is COARRI. Note: Container discharge/loading report messages conforming to this document must contain the following data in segment UNH, composite S009: Data element 0065 COARRI D B UNMandatory
BGM0A segment to indicate the beginning of a message and to transmit identifying number and the further specification of the message type (in data element 1001: Document name code), such as Loading report, Discharge report.Mandatory
DTM0A segment to indicate a date and/or time applying to the whole message, such as date and time of document or message issue.Optional
FTX0A segment to specify free form or processable supplementary information, such as: change informationOptional
RFF1A segment to express a reference which applies to the entire message, such as: container discharge/loading order reference reference to previous messageMandatory
DTM1A segment to indicate date and/or time related to the reference.Optional
TDT1A segment identifying the voyage of the vessel relevant to the message (main transport).Mandatory
DTM1A segment to identify the date(s) and time(s) related to the main carriage means of transport.Optional
RFF1A segment identifying a relevant reference number, such as: shipping syndicate marketing organization conference codeOptional
LOC2A segment to specify a location related to the means of transport such as places and ports of arrival and departure.Mandatory
DTM2A segment to specify the date(s) and time(s) related to a location.Optional
NAD1A segment to identify the party's name, address, and function, and other addresses, such as: message recipient message sender ordering customer ordering customer agentMandatory
CTA2A segment to identify a person or department of a message sender and/or message recipient, such as: information contactMandatory
COM2A segment to identify a communication number of a person or department to whom communication should be directed.Optional
EQD1A segment identifying a container, container size/type. The equipment status may be e.g. overlanded, shortlanded, import, export.Mandatory
RFF1A segment identifying a relevant reference number, such as: container sequence number booking reference numberOptional
GDS1A segment to show the broad classification of the goods within a container for operational and general information purposes.Optional
TMD1A segment to indicate a Full Container Load (FCL) or a Less than Full Container Load (LCL).Optional
DTM1A segment to identify a date and time related to the equipment, such as: Date and/or time of actual loading or discharge CSC expiration date (International Convention for Safe Containers)Optional
LOC2A segment to identify a location or country related to the equipment, such as: stowage cell (final) place/port of discharge transhipment place place of delivery country of origin/destinationMandatory
DTM2A segment to specify date(s) and time(s) related to a location.Optional
MEA1A segment specifying a physical measurement related to the equipment, such as: gross weightOptional
DIM1A segment specifying physical dimensions related to the equipment, such as: gross dimensions off standard dimension general off standard dimension left off standard dimension right off standard dimension back off standard dimension frontOptional
TMP2A segment which identifies the transport temperature setting of the container.Mandatory
RNG2A segment to specify the transport temperature range setting of the container.Optional
SEL1A segment identifying a seal number related to the equipment.Optional
ATT1A segment to specify a characteristic property of the transport unit.Optional
FTX1A segment to specify supplementary information related to the equipment, such as: blockade reason government inspection service container loading remarks container remarks container order information additional remarks concerning the container container safety convention plate continuous examination program (ACEP)Optional
PCD1A segment to specify percentages related to the equipment such as percentage humidity.Optional
DGS2A segment to identify the UN-number and the class of the dangerous goods loaded in the container.Mandatory
ATT2A segment to specify an additional dangerousgoods attribute relating to this hazard such as such as UNDG extension code, proper shipping name or others.Optional
FTX2A segment to give additional information regarding dangerous goods.Optional
MEA2A segment to specify measurements of the dangerous goods, such as: - net net weight.Optional
CTA3A segment to identify a person or department to be contacted regarding dangerous goods.Mandatory
COM3A segment to specify communication details of the dangerous goods contact.Optional
EQA1A segment to identify clip-on units, such as: generator setsOptional
PIA1A segment to specify a commodity code relating to goods in the container.Optional
COD1A segment to specify the details of the components of transport equipment.Optional
HAN1A segment to specify handling instructions related to the equipment.Optional
DAM2A segment to specify equipment damages, such as the point of the damage on the equipment, and the type of damage.Mandatory
COD2A segment to specify component details of the damaged equipment.Optional
TDT2A segment to identify the on-carriage transport details of the mode, means of transport by which the container will depart after being discharged.Mandatory
DTM2A segment to specify a date/time relating to the on-carriage transport, such as arrival or departure date/time.Optional
LOC3A segment identifying a location related to the transport details, such as: place of departureMandatory
DTM3A segment to specify a date/time relating to the on- carriage transport, such as arrival.Optional
NAD1A segment to specify a related address or party, such as: container operatorOptional
CNT0A segment to specify the number of containers in the message, explicitly given by the sender.Optional
UNT0A service segment ending a message, giving the total number of segments in the message (including the UNH & UNT) and the control reference number of the message.Mandatory