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Nachricht DESTIM: D

BeschreibungEquipment damage and repair estimate message


UNH0A service segment starting and uniquely identifying a message. The message type code for the Equipment damage and repair estimate message is DESTIM. Note: Equipment damage and repair estimate messages conforming to this document must contain the following data in segment UNH, composite S009: Data element 0065 DESTIM D A UNMandatory
BGM0A segment to indicate the beginning of a message and to transmit identifying number and type of message.Mandatory
DTM0A segment to indicate date and time of the event being reported or requested by the message.Mandatory
GEI0A segment to indicate whether the container is damaged and not available for leasing or still available for leasing (i.e. without damages that require repair).Optional
CUX0A segment to specify various currencies associated with the message such as labor currency, material currency and Damage Protection Plan currency.Optional
RFF0A segment indicating a reference number applicable to the entire estimate, such as customer reference, lease number, etc.Optional
FTX0A segment to specify free form or processable supplementary information (such as coverage of equipment under an Approved Continuous Examination Program [ACEP] complying with the International Convention for Safe Containers [CSC]) that applies to the entire message.Optional
EQD1A segment to specify equipment-related data, including equipment number, type, size, etc.Mandatory
DIM1A segment indicating the actual dimensions of the equipment, if the size and type is not known.Optional
IMD1A segment to specify material of which the equipment is and other specialized data (such as maximum gross weight, tare weight, etc.).Optional
NAD1A segment to identify the name, address, and function of parties to whom the estimate is sent.Mandatory
MOA1A segment used to indicate labor, materials, and tax cost attributable to a party pertaining to the entire estimate.Optional
CTA2A segment to identify a person or department to whom communications should be directed.Mandatory
COM2A segment to identify telephone, fax, etc. numbers at which the person or department to receive the estimate may be contacted.Optional
TDT1A segment to specify details of transport such as carrier, the means of transport, voyage number etc.Mandatory
DTM1A segment to specify date(s) and time(s) associated with the transport details.Optional
LOC2A segment to specify any locations related to the transport details such as ports, terminals, etc.Mandatory
DTM2A segment to specify date(s) and time(s) related to a location.Optional
UNS0A segment to avoid segment collision.Mandatory
DTM1A segment to specify the date and time of the current or previous inspection, or of manufacture.Mandatory
LOC1A segment to specify the location at which the event described in the previous DTM occurred.Optional
NAD1A segment to indicate the name and address of the inspection company, manufacturer, etc. relating to the event described in the previous DTM.Optional
RFF1A segment indicating the authorization number attributable to all or part of the estimate, which is provided by the party.Mandatory
DTM1A segment indicating the date and time at which the authorization is provided.Optional
NAD1A segment indicating the name and address of the authorizing party.Optional
MOA1A segment indicating the amount of money authorized to be expended to the account of the authorizing party.Optional
LIN1A segment indicating a number for each damage line-item in the message. The line number corresponding to a damage and repair will remain constant throughout all versions of the message, so that subsequent versions of the repair estimate may be compared to previous versions. Items to be deleted or altered in subsequent versions may also be highlighted in this segment.Mandatory
DIM1A segment used to indicate the dimensions of the repaired area.Optional
QTY1A segment used to indicate the number of repairs of the identical type to be performed.Optional
FTX1A segment to specify free form or processable supplementary information (such as an indication of conjunctive or alternate repair) that apply to a single damage and repair line item.Optional
DAM2A segment to specify equipment damages, such as location, type, and size of damage; and repair or other action taken.Mandatory
COD2A segment to specify components involved in the repair, by type of material.Optional
RTE2A segment indicating the labor rate per unit of time (e.g. hour) at which the repair will be charged.Mandatory
QTY2A segment indicating the number of time units (e.g. hours) of labor to be charged for the repair.Mandatory
NAD2A segment indicating the name and address of the party to whose account the repair will be charged.Mandatory
MOA3A segment indicating the monetary amount of labour, materials, or tax applicable to the repair for which the indicated party is responsible.Mandatory
TAX3A segment indicating the rate of tax applicable to the associated labor or materials charges.Optional
MEA3A segment indicating a multiplier associated with charges for labor or materials. If a discount applies, the multiplier will be less than one; if a surcharge applies, the multiplier will be greater than one.Optional
CNT0A segment to provide message control totals.Optional
UNT0A service segment ending a message, giving the total number of segments in the message (including the UNH & UNT) and the control reference number of the message.Mandatory