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Nachricht ICSOLI: D

BeschreibungInsurance claim solicitor's instruction message


UNH0A service segment starting and uniquely identifying a message. The message type code for the Insurance claim solicitor's instruction message is ICSOLI. Note: Insurance claim solicitor's instruction messages conforming to this document must contain the following data in segment UNH, composite S009: Data element 0065 ICSOLI D B UNMandatory
BGM0To identify the purpose and status of the Insurance claim solicitor's instruction message, such as instruction, progress report, resolution details.Mandatory
RFF0To identify the version of the message implementation guide being used in the application.Optional
SEQ0To identify the sequence number of the message in a series of messages relating to the same claim, incident or action.Optional
DTM0Contains the creation date of the message.Optional
EFI0To enable cross reference to electronic files containing photographic or video files associated with this message.Optional
ICD1To identify the class of policy.Mandatory
MOA1Contains monetary amounts relating to the policy excesses and indemnity limits.Optional
ATT1Identifies the type of indemnity provided, and the area of jurisdiction specified by the policy.Optional
RFF1To specify reference numbers which are specific to the policy, e.g. policy number.Optional
DTM1To specify the start and end dates for the cover under the policy.Optional
QRS1Used to convey whether indemnity is unlimited and whether there was a previous policy in force.Optional
FTX1Contains a text description of the reason why policy cover is at issue and the legal venue specified in the policy.Optional
PNA1Contains the name of the party in text or a coded identification of the name and address of the party together with the role of the party in the message.Mandatory
RFF1To specify those references which are specific to the party, e.g. national insurance number.Optional
EMP1Contains a coded description of the occupation or business of the party.Optional
DTM1Indicates dates which are relevant to the party, e.g. date of birth, date exposure commenced.Optional
PCD1To specify percentages applicable to the party, e.g. co-insurers proportion.Optional
QRS1Used to convey whether the party is registered for value added tax or under a legal disability.Optional
FTX1Provides a textual description of the function of a party in a message.Optional
COM1Provides the communication number and channel for a contact party. Note: where the communication details are linked to an address they should be included in the address group.Optional
ATT1Contains a coded identification or text description of an attribute of the party, e.g. title, gender, trading status.Optional
ADR2Contains the address type and details for the party.Mandatory
COM2Contains a communication number and type of communication for the party at the address, e.g. telephone number.Optional
ROD2Contains the type of quantum in respect of the damage, injury or loss caused to the party by the insured risk.Mandatory
MOA2Contains the monetary amount and status of the quantum.Mandatory
FTX2Contains the text description of the type of quantum, required if non-standard and no code available.Optional
COD2Identifies the group as containing conviction information.Mandatory
ATT2Identifies the type of sentence.Optional
IDE2Makes reference to other parties related to the offence.Optional
RFF2Contains a reference which uniquely identifies the conviction.Optional
DTM2Contains the date of the conviction and periods relating to the conviction, e.g. length of disqualification.Optional
MOA2Contains the monetary amount of a fine resulting from the conviction.Optional
EQN2Contains the number of penalty points relating to the conviction.Optional
QRS2Advises whether the conviction is related to the claim which is the subject of the message.Optional
UNS0A service segment placed at the start of the detail section to avoid segment collision.Mandatory
EVE1Contains a qualifier identifying the segment as claim/loss.Mandatory
ADR1Contains the location or addresses relevant to the claim event.Optional
RFF1Identifies the claim number.Optional
DTM1Contains dates relating to the claim event, e.g. incident start and end date.Optional
QRS1Used to convey information relevant to the claim such as whether the solicitor has delegated authority, whether aggregate indemnity/excess or indemnity is at issue, whether the claim is a recovery etc.Optional
FTX1Contains a text description of the claim. e.g. claim circumstances.Optional
ATT2Contains the type and status of a recovery or the type of reserve.Mandatory
MOA2Contains the monetary amount of the reserve or recovery.Optional
PYT1Contains a coded identification or textual description of the nature of the monetary value, also whether it is a payment or receipt.Mandatory
MOA1Contains the payment/receipt amount.Mandatory
PNA1Contains the full name of the payee.Optional
FII1Contains the financial institution account number and sort code of the payee.Optional
ATT1Contains a coded identification of the payment status, e.g. payment made, make payment etc.Optional
RFF1Contains the roll number, accounting reference of the payee and a coded identification of the party to whom the payment should be sent.Optional
COD1Contains a coded identification of the method of dispute resolution, e.g. Crown Court, Civil County Court, mediation etc.Mandatory
ATT1To specify coded attributes relating to the dispute resolution.Optional
RFF1Contains the reference of the dispute resolution.Optional
ADR1Contains the address details or location where the dispute resolution is to be held. Note: this is used where the address or location is not related to a party, e.g. an inquest may be held at any suitable location such as a cinema or local hall.Optional
DTM1Contains dates relevant to the dispute resolution e.g. proceedings issue date, dispute resolution date etc.Optional
QRS1Used to request whether there are other proceedings in force.Optional
FTX1Contains a textual description of the dispute resolution or other proceedings.Optional
IMD2Identifies the type of progress, e.g. trial, close of pleadings etc.Mandatory
ATT2Contains a coded identification of the status of progress and/or coroner verdict.Optional
RFF2Contains the unique identifying reference of a party associated with the progress.Optional
DTM2Contains dates relevant to the progress, e.g. response date progress as at date etc.Optional
MOA2Contains details of a monetary amount related to the progress.Optional
FTX2Contains a textual description of progress.Optional
UNT0A service segment ending a message, giving the total number of segments in the message (including the UNH & UNT) and the control reference number of the message.Mandatory