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Nachricht MEQPOS: D

BeschreibungMeans of transport and equipment position message


UNH0A service segment starting and uniquely identifying a message. The message type code for the Means of transport and equipment position message is MEQPOS. Note: Means of transport and equipment position messages conforming to this document must contain the following data in segment UNH, composite S009: Data element 0065 MEQPOS D B UNMandatory
BGM0A segment to indicate the beginning of a message and to transmit the identifying number.Mandatory
DTM0A segment to provide the date and time of the message.Optional
QTY0A segment to indicate a quantity, such as the number of passengers on board the means of transport for a certain conveyance.Optional
LOC0A segment to specify the position of the means of transport, e.g. by giving longitude and latitude coordinates of the vessel at sea.Mandatory
RFF1A segment to specify a reference, e.g. reference to previous message.Mandatory
DTM1A segment to indicate a date and time related to the reference.Optional
TDT1A segment to identify the means of transport (e.g. by Lloyd's Register number of a vessel, or by the license plate number of a truck).Mandatory
DTM1A segment to indicate the estimated date and time of arrival and departure.Optional
LOC2A segment to indicate a location relating to the means of transport, such as: - place or port of departure - next place or port of call.Mandatory
DTM2A segment to specify date(s) and time(s) related to a location.Optional
NAD1A segment to identify a party's name, address and function.Mandatory
CTA2A segment to identify a person or department within the party.Mandatory
COM2A segment to identify a communication number of a person or department to whom communication should be directed.Optional
EQD1A segment to identify equipment, such as railcars.Mandatory
LOC1A segment to specify the location of the equipment.Optional
DTM1A segment to specify a date and time related to the equipment.Optional
UNT0A service segment ending a message, giving the total number of segments in the message (including the UNH & UNT) and the control reference number of the message.Mandatory