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Nachricht VESDEP: D

BeschreibungVessel departure message


UNH0A service segment starting and uniquely identifying a message. The message type code for the Vessel departure message is VESDEP. Note: Vessel departure messages conforming to this document must contain the following data in segment UNH, composite S009: Data element 0065 VESDEP D B UNMandatory
BGM0A segment to indicate the beginning of a message and to transmit identifying number.Mandatory
DTM0A segment to indicate a date and/or time applying to the whole message, such as date and time of document or message issue.Optional
FTX0A segment to specify free format supplementary information: change information additional remarksOptional
RFF1A segment to provide a reference relating to the whole message, such as: reference to previous messageMandatory
DTM1A segment to indicate date and/or time related to the reference.Optional
NAD1A segment to identify a name and address of a party, such as: message sender message recipient ordering customer/principal ordering customer agentMandatory
CTA2A segment to identify a person or department for the party, such as: information contactMandatory
COM2A segment to identify a communication number of a person or department to whom communication should be directed.Optional
TDT1A segment to identify the transport details of the departing vessel, such as voyage number or an indication of the transport method.Mandatory
DTM1A segment to identify a date and time related to the departure of the means of transport.Optional
RFF1A segment to identify a relevant reference number, such as: voyage numberOptional
LOC2A segment to specify a place or port of call of the means of transport or conveyance, such as: Maritime Mobile Ship Identifier (MMSI number)Mandatory
DTM2A segment to specify date(s) and time(s) related to a location.Optional
MEA1A segment to specify a measurement related to the means of transport, such as: gross tonnage (of the vessel)Optional
QTY1A segment to specify the actual number of segments in the message and the control reference number of the message.Mandatory
FTX1A segment to provide supplementary information related to the actual number of operations on equipment.Optional
UNT0A service segment ending a message, giving the total number of segments in the message (including the UNH & UNT) and the control reference number of the message.Mandatory