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Validation of the content

Also the data within the segments - the content data is getting validated.

Number of characters

Here we see a message where the length of the post code is not correct.
Only 9 characters are allowed but there are 20 characters.

The version 90.1 allows only for the data element 3251 only 9 characters:

Codelist validation

Here we see a message with the segment VAL and a data-element 5297 for the "Valuation purpose".
This elements has a code list but there in entry for the value "IN".

This element is very special. Only the release 90.1 has this element.
We also see that there is only the code 1,2 or 3 allowed:

numerical value

Here we see a problem with an data elements that should contain a numerical value.
The text "1a" could not be interpreted as a number
The data element 7224 is numerical and therefore the value "1a" is not correct.

Decimal numbers are using the us notation. The comma would cause an error.
Also the number of characters is validated. Here we have an example for an numerical value for the time.
Instead of 4 characters the text contains 5 characters.

Date and time validation

The data elements for date are 2001 and 0017 and for time the elements 2002 and 0019 are used.
The program checks for correct dates and times.
There is no 13th month and also no 25th hour. This is the reason for the errors shown below.